Resident Evil 4 Krauser

How to Defeat Krauser in Resident Evil 4 Remake

"When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master."

The penultimate boss fight of Resident Evil 4 pits Leon S. Kennedy against his former mentor, Jack Krauser. The disgraced Major rates among the most challenging enemies in the new remake, thanks to his combat intelligence and the sprawling arena where his lengthy battle takes place. Here is how to defeat the many phases of Jack Krauser’s lengthy boss fight in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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Phase 1: Avoid Krauser’s Laser Sight

The first part of Krauser’s challenge gauntlet, sees him unleashing laser-sighted arrows at Leon. Stay behind cover, wait for Krauser to shoot, return fire when the opportunity arises, and escape from the onslaught.

Phase 2: Knife Fight

In the second phase, Krauser will charge Leon and engage in a knife fight with similar mechanics to the one in Chapter 11. It is highly important to have multiple knives in Leon’s inventory prior to this fight, as parrying Krauser’s attacks is paramount to survival.

Krauser will attack with a flurry of strikes that must be parried. Unlike the first encounter with Krauser in Chapter 11, you can use guns against him this time around.

Krauser will occasionally perform a swift kick that must be evaded, which is important to keep a lookout for. After incurring enough damage from Leon, Krauser will deploy some flash grenades and disappear. Proceed to use the lever to open the path forward.

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Phase 3: Navigate Krauser’s Traps and Prepare to be Ambushed

The next section features a sabotaged maze of laser tripwires, bear traps, and turrets that Leon must navigate. It’s important to take the section slow and keep an eye on your surroundings, as Krauser will attempt multiple ambushes. If you can’t crouch under the tripwires, shoot the nodes on the wall where they emanate from to destroy the traps.

When entering into hallways, peer around the corner to check for turrets. They are small, glowing red lights that look like cameras, but are connected to automatic weaponry. One shot will eliminate the turrets. Just like the previous levels, watch the ground for those pesky bear traps too.

Phase 4: Evade Krauser’s Sniping

After navigating the many traps, Leon will enter an open section with Krauser sniping from a distance. Wait for Krauser to fire a shot, push forward towards the door below the ledge the sniper is firing from, and hide behind cover before his incoming barrages.

If you time it right, by using a scoped rifle, you can fire back at Krauser between his shots. Whether you choose to counterattack or not, proceed forward and watch out for Krauser’s grenades he drops as Leon passes in the door underneath his position.

Phase 5: Knife Fight Part II

Entering into the next section, take cover using the pillars, as Krauser will unleash automatic rifle fire, followed by a grenade, then drop down for an encore of the knife fight. Continue to parry Krauser’s slashes, evade his kicks, and watch out for the flash grenade/attack from behind combo. Either use your guns or knives to further whittle down Krauser’s health.

Phase 6: Mutated Krauser and the Dark Cavern

Shortly after the second knife fight, a cutscene will play where the real boss fight begins, as Krauser morphs into a Plaga-infused living weapon with swords for arms. The antagonist leaps, smashing the ground, sending Leon into a cavernous pit below ground.

The pitch black corridors are navigable thanks to Leon’s flashlight, continue to press forward to find a way out.

Be wary, as Krauser will attempt to sneak attack Leon from above. Either shoot at him, or parry his attacks.

Phase 7: The Final Showdown

Once you navigate out of the underground, the final battle against Krauser will begin in a dual-leveled arena. In this no holds barred fight, only one victor will make it out alive. You can either shoot at Krauser from a distance and continually run away from him, or defeat the Major by using the aggressive strategy from previous knife battles.

Krauser can be staggered after taking enough damage, which will open him up for one of Leon’s trademark kicks.

Be wary when Krauser prepares for a reach with his right arm (as seen in the image above), as he can grab Leon, taking a big chunk out of the hero’s health. Avoid this by running back and to the right.

One of Krauser’s attacks can potentially knock Leon off the edge, leaving the protagonist in a very precarious position to struggle to break free, or use his knife. On higher difficulties, you should use the knife to counterattack Krauser, as there may not be enough time to break free.

Another one of Krauser’s attacks will see the villain jump onto the nearby cliffs and dive into the arena below, causing significant damage.

The easiest way to avoid this powerful onslaught is by climbing the nearest ladder, when Krauser attempts the maneuver, which will negate damage.

After Krauser’s health is depleted, a cutscene will play, as Leon will defeat his former mentor, and the student will become the master. Krauser’s knife can be looted, providing a second melee weapon to use in the chapters ahead.

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