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Scariest Monsters of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Ranked

All horrors of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, rated from worst to first

In its faithful recreation of the original game from 2005, Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 Remake has brought back the horror of the acclaimed classic to the current generation of gaming. The latest Resident Evil title features a terrifying cast of nightmare-inducing creatures of all shapes and sizes, sure to scare its new and returning players. But which Resident Evil 4 horror stands above the rest? Let’s examine how these terrors stack up, as we rate all of the monsters that Leon S. Kennedy battles in the Resident Evil 4 Remake from least to most scary. 

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19. Del Lago

Del Lago is one of the most memorable monsters in the annals of Resident Evil lore, but the creature from the lake just isn’t that scary. It isn’t necessarily the monster design, but rather the action-packed nature of the boss fight encounter with the fish, as most of the battle is spent on a boat being dragged around a lake with an infinite supply of harpoons. Although there is a foreboding quality Resident Evil 4’s lake, Del Lago certainly won’t leave you asking for a bigger boat. Furthermore, if Resident Evil 4’s lake monster was so scary, would so many players attempt to be eaten by the creature by shooting at the water?

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18. Armadura

Resident Evil 4 seemingly borrowed from Scooby Doo with its Armadura enemies. However, Campcom ratcheted up the horror compared to the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, with Resident Evil 4’s Plagas-controlled sentient suits of armor. However, the scares provided by these knights are ultimately limited, as the suits of armor are cumbersome, moving very slowly and telegraphing their attacks. However, the Armadura become slightly more frightening during Ashley Graham’s section of Chapter 9, as the First Daughter only has a lantern to defend against the knights.

17. Lord Osmund Saddler

You might be surprised to find the final boss and archvillain of Resident Evil 4 rating as the third-least scary among the game’s monsters, but that is more a testament to the rest of the horrors of Capcom’s new remake. For being a primary antagonist, Saddler really doesn’t have much screen time. Aside from menacingly pacing around in his cloak and wielding his Plagas-infused staff, Resident Evil 4’s big bad boss doesn’t really do all that much, largely leaving the scaring to his brainwashed army of monsters. Although his powers are undeniable and Saddler is responsible for the many horrors Leon battles over the course of Resident Evil 4, he is far more evil than scary.

16. Basic Enemies/Ganados (Villagers, Zealots, Soldiers)

To lump all of Resident Evil 4’s basic enemies together, the many villagers, zealots, and soldiers, while differing in appearance and weapons, are ultimately all very similar in the way they fight. Unlike the zombies of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, the Plagas-infected Ganados are far more agile and intelligent than their undead counterparts, working together grab Leon, carry away Ashley, and employ a wide array of combat tactics. However, their scariness is limited by the fact that there are so many Ganados encountered throughout the game.

15. Ramon Salazar

Ramon Salazar is the final boss of the Castle section of Resident Evil 4. While short in stature, Ramon’s wickedness and sadism reach terrifying heights. Based on findable lore documents, Salazar is a highly depraved individual, but largely uses his underlings for his nasty deeds, including his large, cloaked Verdugo bodyguards. In his final form, Salazar morphs into a hideous, bile-spewing mutated monster with a mouth-full of razor sharp teeth. However, his tendency to heckle Leon and smug disposition make Ramon Salazar more annoying than scary. Also, its hard to truly be frightened of an enemy that can be killed just by throwing two golden eggs at him.

14. Brutes

One of the original enemies of the remake, Brutes are cow-masked villagers that whirl large Sledgehammers. These bullet sponge, early-game minibosses pack a punch, but can be easily dodged. While slightly scarier than the average Ganado, brutes only really become formidable in tight, crowded spaces, or in large groups of enemies.

13. El Gigante

Translating to “giant” or “gigantic,” Leon encounters multiple Gigantes over the course of Resident Evil 4’s campaign. It’s exceedingly difficult to escape from these monsters, as they can rip the roof off of hiding places with their bare hands. Despite their powerful attacks, the sheer size of El Gigante is difficult to relate to, and the lack of any real-world comparison diminishes the horror.

12. Colmillos (Dogs)

Resident Evil 4’s dog enemies are certainly not “man’s best friend.” Colmillos or “fangs” are feral hounds that provide plenty of jump scares, particularly in the game’s ninth chapter, as they spring from bushes, rapidly charging Leon and Ashley. A fight against one of these woofers gets even more frightening when flailing Plagas tentacles emerge from the doggos’ backs on certain occasions. With cartoonish smiles protruding from their jaws, the Colmillos are scary, but somewhat goofy-looking compared to Resident Evil 2’s terrifying Doberman Pinscher-like “zombie dogs.”

11. Jack Krauser

Even though his appearance is less grotesque than some of his Resident Evil counterparts, Jack Krauser’s intelligence is fear-inducing. A gifted soldier and tactician, Krauser’s knifemanship provides the greatest melee challenge among any enemy in the game. With a booby trap-riddled boss fight akin to an action-packed thrill ride, the disgraced Major is more of a cheesy action villain than a horror monster, despite his arms literally turning into weapons. Still, Krauser’s combat prowess and aptitude are enough to place Leon’s mentor just outside the top ten.

10. Plaga Arana

Among the various Plaga enemies in Resident Evil 4, the skittering Plaga Arana are arguably the most frustrating in the game. Their ability to latch onto average Ganados, turning them into berserk, sprinting maniacs is highly unsettling. Furthermore, due to their small size, the Plaga Arana tend to be hard to locate in the heat of battle, making them well-deserving of their position on the list.

9. Novistadores

The insectoid Novistadors narrowly earn their place in the top ten thanks to their all-terrain talents. With the ability to camouflage, fly, and even swim, these bugs are certainly not to be trifled with. What prevents them from ranking any higher is that they are relatively easy to kill on their own, and are far more effective in swarms.

8. Bitores Mendez

The final boss of the Village section of Resident Evil 4, Bitores Mendez is similar to Resident Evil 2’s Tyrant/Mr. X, but receives far less screen time. Although mostly encountered in cutscenes, Mendez truly steals the show with every appearance. While he first arrives as a trench-coat clad, glass-eyed, mountain of a man, with borderline superstrength, Mendez’s final form transforms the bearded Village chief into a tentacled, centipede-like monstrosity in the final showdown inside a burning barn. However, the boss fight is more bizarre than scary with Mendez flinging exploding barrels and burning plywood across the room, creating more of an absurd spectacle than a terrifying one.

7. Plaga Guadana

The first Plaga form featured in Resident Evil 4 is the Guadana variant. These Plagas are very common throughout the course of the story, as certain Ganados will sprout barbed tentacles from their head. Unless you have a flash grenade handy, it is advised to keep your distance from the creatures, as the thrashing apendages have a far reach, and cause significant damage.

6. Plaga Mandibula

Rounding out the last of the “Plaga” entries, the Mandibula variant is unquestionably the eeriest of the bunch. Its introduction in the seventh chapter is highly memorable, as a zealot’s head bursts into what can only be described as a four-pronged, Slug-like projection. What separates the Plaga Mandibula from other enemies is their freaky ability to jump up and latch onto a ceiling and pounce on unassuming prey below. However, the fact that the Plaga Mandibula can be instantly killed with a flash grenade limits its scariness.

5. Garradors

Strictly based on appearance, you won’t find a more nightmare-fuel creature in Resident Evil 4 than a Garrador. The muscular monster is displayed with its head locked in a Saw-like cage mechanism, with an unsettling toothy grin, and massive claws that would put even Wolverine to shame. However, despite their ferocity and aggressiveness, Garradors are very easy to outwit, thanks to their blindness and the weak parasite bulging from their back. These monsters may be scary, but Garradors simply can’t rate any higher than the fifth spot due to their combat deficiencies.

4. Verdugo

The Verdugo rates among the most powerful, menacing enemies of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. “Salazar’s Right Hand” resembles a humanoid version of the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, towering over Leon, and angrily glaring down at Resident Evil 4’s protagonist with red eyes. Translated to “executioner,” Verdugo plays a twisted game of hide and seek with Leon, springing from vents, slashing with its sharp claws, or lashing with its whip-like tail. Leon’s escape elevator can’t arrive soon enough.

3. Chainsaw Man/Dr. Salvador

When I hear the words “Resident Evil 4,” I personally envision the GameCube box art that prominently displays the burlap sack-faced, chainsaw-wielding maniac of many names. Some call him the “Chainsaw Man,” others call him “Dr. Salvador” or even just “Salvador,” but whatever moniker you prefer, there is no denying the terrifying design of this iconic Resident Evil foe, who has returned for the remake to scare a new generation of gamers. Looking like something straight out of a slasher film, the chainsaw-toting villager was featured as the prominent boss of Resident Evil 4’s aptly named “Chainsaw Demo,” giving Resident Evil fans a taste of the horrors to come in the full game. I don’t know what field “Dr. Salvador” has his Ph. D. in, but I certainly won’t be sticking around for any of his lectures.

2. Bella Sisters/Chainsaw Sisters

To discuss another enemy with a chainsaw penchant, the Bella Sisters or “Chainsaw Sisters” are some of the most frightening monsters not merely in Resident Evil, but arguably in the history of survival horror. Their spine-chilling shrieks, creepily bandaged faces, unsettling movements, quickness, and gangly limbs help the unsightly duo to slightly edge out Dr. Salvador for the second spot. It would certainly be difficult to crack funny one-liners like Leon if you came face to horrifying face with one of the Chainsaw Sisters in real-life.

1. Regeneradors/Iron Maidens

Using the most objective lens as possible, Regeneradors clearly belong in top echelon of Resident Evil 4’s many monsters. They are the culmination of every ingredient that creates survival horror excellence. The Regeneradors’ design is highly original and relatable, providing a multi-sensory combination of auditory and visual horror. I’m not sure what’s scarier, hearing the Regeneradors’ spine-chilling breathing sounds or suddenly seeing their orange glowing eyes peering from the darkness. Trying to run away from the monsters is futile, as the Regeneradors can grab Leon from across the room with their elastic arms. These enemies are very difficult to kill, requiring a biosensor scope to locate their parasitic internal organs, as they will fully recover from all other damage.

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To make matters worse, even after killing their parasites, some Regeneradors can reanimate as “Iron Maidens,” which replace their usual doughy exterior with razor sharp needles that the creatures can spray like a porcupine of nightmares. Needless to say, the Regeneradors are a tour de force of horror, clearly worthy of being crowned as the most terrifying monsters in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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