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Many first-person shooter gamers place great importance on their sensitivity settings as muscle memory plays a significant role in the gameplay experience. When a player moves their mouse even slightly, they expect their in-game character to respond with the same level of precision. However, you do not need to fine-tune your aim for every game you are playing, as there are ways to convert sensitivity values between games. Let’s see how you can convert BattleBit Remastered sensitivity to Valorant, and vice versa. I promise you, the process is not difficult at all.

How to Convert Valorant Sensitivity to BattleBit Remastered Sensitivity

Luckily, there is a free tool online that will answer all of your sensitivity converting needs. It is very detailed and with it, you will be able to convert your Valorant Sensitivity to BattleBit Remastered sensitivity, and vice versa.

The tool is called Mouse Sensitivity (unironically) and can be found at

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Check out the screenshot I’ve made below that points out some of the key components of the tool:

Mind you, this tool is very detailed. You will need to input your sensitivity, mouse DPI, FoV, and resolution. And it is detailed like this for a reason. It truly has the desire to bring you the most accurate “translation” of your sensitivity to another game.

After finishing off the input process, the software will provide you with the output which you need to then apply to the game you wish to convert the sensitivity into. And there you have it! The sensitivity is now converted and transferred from one game to another, assuming you followed the info on the website. If you’re happy with the outcome as our reader, I am happy as well as a writer.

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