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How to Get Account Points (AP) in Valorant

Better account for all those wins you're going to rack up.

by Shawn Robinson

Valorant has a good handful of ways to progress both your account and your characters (especially for free). You can progress contracts to earn exclusive rewards related to an agent of your choosing, you can progress through the battle pass to earn free or paid rewards, and most importantly for us, you can level up your account. To do this, you’ll need Account Points (also known as AP), but the method to earn them can be a bit confusing. Here’s how to get Account Points in Valorant.

How to Get AP in Valorant Fast

Account Points are a form of experience that goes toward your total account level. The higher you raise your account level, the better your total level will appear on the loading screen through the player card. You’ll also be able to flex how much you play Valorant (though we suppose that’s not the greatest thing to brag about). For each level, you’ll need 5000 AP, with a few ways you can earn it. The main way is through completing matches. For each match you play, you’ll be awarded one AP along with one more AP for every six seconds played in that match. If you win the match and it’s your first win of the day, you’ll also be awarded a 1000 AP bonus. Any wins grant a bonus 50 AP as well.

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With all of this in mind, the fastest way you can earn AP in Valorant is by winning your matches. On average you’ll earn a few hundred each match (if you go to the end of the match and don’t surrender), which is further benefitted by the 50 AP bonus. It’ll still take a while to level up, but wins and simply playing the game will expedite the process. That shiny new level will also be stylish. While we’re on the topic of stylish things, check out our guide on all things to know about the new Black Market bundle.

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