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Valorant Black Market Bundle – Weapons, Prices, Release Date

Some of the skins definitely are black, and they will be on the market.

by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Black Market

Besides full-on updates, skin bundle reveals are the most exciting thing Valorant players can see bi-weekly. While most of us will likely never buy most skins that release (money is a precious thing), they’re always cool to look at or pick up off dead bodies. With the upcoming release of Valorant update 6.07, the team is bringing a new bundle to the shop with a unique twist. Here’s everything you need to know about the Black Market bundle in Valorant.

Everything to Know About the Valorant Black Market Bundle

Valorant’s biggest competitor is Counter-Strike. It’s the game they borrowed the core formula from, and is always seeking to hold a bigger chunk of the tactical shooter community’s playerbase. Its even gone to the point that Valve has borrowed a few features from Valorant for the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 (i.e. match canceling on cheater detection). Despite that, Riot has never added any sort of homage to the grandfather of the genre.

That seems to be changing with the Black Market bundle, which has its weapons taking a much more realistic approach in style compared to previous bundles. Its unique twist, however, is that the weapon skins will change depending on whether you’re attacking or defending. It’s similar to how in Counter-Strike, each side has completely different weapons at their disposal.

What Weapons Will Be in the Bundle?

Thankfully, Riot has already released a trailer for the bundle so we can confirm all weapons in the bundle. As shown in the trailer, the weapons featured are the Bulldog, Classic, Vandal, Marshal, and Knife. These skins give models of iconic real-world guns like the AK-47 and the FAMAS, with the Knife being an iconic Butterfly Knife with animations and all.

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What Will the Bundle Price Be?

This one is a little up in the air. We would normally be able to pin the prices down fairly easily, though the inclusion of different skins based on your side may jack the price up a bit. From what we can infer, between there seemingly being no upgrade tiers or custom firing sounds, is that the bundle likely sits comfortably in the Premium tier of skins. This would put the individual skins at around 1775 VP, with the full bundle being around 7000 VP. If this is different on bundle launch, we’ll be sure to update it.

When Will the Valorant Black Market Bundle Release?

As per the official post on Valorant’s Twitter account, the Black Market bundle will release on April 12. This will replace the most recent bundle, with airplane-themed weapons. The bundle will then stay in the shop until it is replaced on April 26. This also puts it in line with the re-introduction of Bind, which you can read more about in our guide.

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