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When Does Bind Return to Valorant? – Answered

The next act will be bound together by the refreshed Bind.

by Shawn Robinson

At this point, Valorant has a healthy handful of maps both in and out of rotation. If you weren’t aware, maps will be rotated in and out of the game’s map pool on occasion to keep things fresh and ensure the learning process for the game isn’t overwhelming. One such map that got this treatment is Bind, though many fans have been longing for its return. Here’s when Bind will return to the Valorant map pool.

When Can You Play Bind Again in Valorant?

Bind was first removed from Valorant earlier this year with Update 6.0. This update brought Lotus, favorite skin variants, and a heavy rework to Split with the map’s reintroduction. In exchange, both Bind and Breeze were to be temporarily removed from the game. That’s left fans of the former quite upset, though they thankfully won’t have to wait much longer. According to Riot Games, Bind will return to the Competitive queue with Episode 6 Act III, which launches on April 25.

With that being said, you can play the updated Bind much earlier. With patch 6.07, which is scheduled for April 11, you’ll be able to play Bind with all of the refreshes that have been done in every mode excluding Competitive. This is to let people get accustomed to the changes that have been made, and not be confused with their first ranked match on Act III’s release. There’s a lot that’s been modified, with changes to the teleporter near A Site, A Bath, A Site itself, and B Hall. You can see all the changes in a Twitter thread posted by the Valorant team.

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That isn’t all that will be changing with the Act III update. To make way for the improved Bind, Icebox will be temporarily removed from the game. This is unfortunate for fans of that map, though it’s likely to return by some point in Episode 7. Time will tell, as will our guide on how you can fix packet loss in the game.

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