Valorant Abyss map
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Valorant’s New Abyss Map Takes Gunfights to New Heights

It's basically Vertigo.

Valorant’s newest upcoming map has been unveiled and it’s taking gunfights to new heights. Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 introduces its first map with no boundaries, Abyss, scheduled to release on June 11, 2024.

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Abyss is Valorant’s latest map coming to the game with the upcoming patch and season. The new map is the game’s first battleground to have no boundaries, meaning players can fall off the edge of areas and plummet to their deaths. This feature adds a new level of depth to movement and utility and introduces fresh tactics for players to experiment with.

Since there are no boundaries, Abyss features a lot of open areas with minimal coverage and various retake points. Unlike most maps where there are only a few ways for players to enter bomb sites, Abyss has a variety of paths for players to take, making battles more strategic and exciting. The only catch though, is that one wrong step could put you out of the round, so playing on Abyss will require a level of skill and care that most players will need to learn over time. Prepare to see a wave of new tactics in Valorant this week!

And that’s Valorant’s new upcoming map, Abyss. For more information, feel free to watch the official trailer above. Again, Abyss comes out to Valorant on June 11, 2024.

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