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Is Valorant Coming to Console and Mobile? – Answered

It's finally here!

Valorant is one of the most widely-played first-person shooters out there and it’s about time the game finally launched on other platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about Valorant coming to console and mobile in the near future.

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Is Valorant Coming to Console?

Valorant’s finally coming to consoles after years of development. The title will be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. The developers, Riot Games, are launching a limited beta playtest for console players to try Valorant on June 14, 2024. While that does mean only a select few can participate and enjoy Valorant on console for the first time, the beta playtest will eventually lead to a full release on both platforms in the near future.

You can sign up to be a playtester, but there are a few requirements. Once you’ve passed these requirements, you’ll just need to wait for an invitation. Invitations will be delivered when the beta goes live, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back from Riot Games before then. That said, signing up for the beta doesn’t guarantee an invitation. You must get an actual invitation from Riot Games or a friend’s referral link to join the beta. In order to meet the beta requirements for an invitation, you must meet these conditions too.

  • Sign up for the Valorant Beta or get a referral link from somebody who got an invite from Riot Games.
  • Live in the North America, Europe, or Japan regions (may expand later).
  • Have a Valorant Account in good standing (no current bans/suspensions on VALORANT or Riot level)
  • Own an Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5

For more information about the limited beta test, visit Riot Games’ official support website. Good luck!

Will Valorant have Cross-Play Between Console and PC?

With Valorant coming to consoles this month, players are left wondering whether or not it’ll feature cross-play. Unfortunately for some players, Valorant won’t feature cross-play between PC and console. The main reason for this decision is due to the significant advantage PC has over console and featuring cross-play will harm the game’s “competitive integrity.” That said, there is cross-progression, so if you plan on playing on PC and console at different times, your experience and growth will still carry over.

Is Valorant Coming to Mobile?

Unfortunately for mobile players, Valorant isn’t coming to Android and iOS just yet. But that doesn’t mean it’s not on the way. There have been speculations of Valorant Mobile coming to China very soon. The country’s National Press and Publication Administration—who are responsible for approving video game releases in China—have reportedly already approved Valorant Mobile, which is titled “Valorant: Operation Primal.”

While there hasn’t been any official announcement, it seems Riot Games is planning to test and launch Valorant Mobile in China as a starter. Considering China has one of the largest mobile gaming communities in the world, it’s a smart idea.

Fans can only hope that the international version arrives soon after the game’s assumed release in China. For now, we’ll need to wait until Riot Games releases more information about Valorant Mobile before we can get a concrete idea of its arrival.

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