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How to Complete the Quest … To Hero in Destiny 2

We've come a long way! Celebrate with a brand new hand cannon

by Daphne Fama

Well, we finally get the second part of the quest “From Zero”. It’s just a shame that it comes after such a loss. Pick up the quest from Nimbus, and let’s get into it.

How to Complete the Quest … To Hero in Destiny 2

Similar to From Zero, our goal is to serve the people of Neomuna. But instead of showing them that we’re good guys, we’re going to need to bring a bit of hope back into their life. And we’re going to do that… by looting, I guess? Here are the four steps we’ll need to complete for … To Hero.

Step 1. Loot Chests.

Retrieve the remaining supply caches from region chests in Neomuna.

Chests looted 0/9.

So, as you recall last time we were tasked with finding three Region chests. Now we have to find the remaining nine. There are three chests in each of the three regions: Ahimsa Park, Zephyr Concourse, and Liming Harbor.

And unfortunately, these Regional Chests can be a pain to find. Zephyr Concourse’s chests are on top of a balcony, in a recessed opening near the bar, and just through the broken glass of a gym on the right side of the map.

Ahimsa Park’s chests are near Calus’s fortress, beneath the rock rubble near the entrance of the fortress, in a hidden cave buried in the cliff side, and on a transparent balcony near what might be apartments or office building.

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Liming Harbor will have one on top of the central core of a large fan near the area’s entrance, inside the ship on a platform, and the last one will be in an alleyway at the top of a platforming section.

Check out our comprehensive guide on how to find all nine here!

Step 2. Work with the Neomuni people

Work with the Neomuni people to defend the city by completing patrols and public events, and bolster their supplies by gathering resource nodes and chests. The same strategy you use in From Zero applies here. Put on a Treasure Hunter mod on your ghost, then head to Ahimsa Park to pick up patrols and farm out Public Events.

Ahimsa Park is by far the best place for patrols as the spawns here are very common. Each patrol will net you 15%, and the scan environment ones are the best as the maps are quite small. Yep, we’re harkening back to old habits with this one.

Step 3. Defeat Shadow Legionary Gha’ram

Once you’ve completed all your patrols, Public Events, and treasure hunts, you’ll be able to move onto the next task. Defeating the Shadow Legionary Gha’ram. We’ll need to board the Typhon Imperator. If you’re in Ahimsa Park, you’re already on the doorstep.

If not, head to Ahimsa Park, then make your way to Calus’s fortress. Enter it. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see two mutated horse statues. Pick the left-hand path and follow it until its end. You’ll hit a wall. Turn right, then fall into the hole.

You’ll then be in Typhon Imperator. If this seems familiar, it’s because we did this during an earlier campaign mission!

Walk through the narrow entrance and clear out the Cabal.

There will be a glowing golden orb. Jump at it, and you’ll be teleported into a large, rather grand room full of Gladiators, Legionary, and Gha’ram himself. Use the stairs and pillars for cover, slowly whittling away your adversaries until it’s just you and Gha’ram.

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Ascend the stairs and take on Gha’ram. He’s not nearly as threatening without his room full of minions, so unload Heavy ammo or your Super into him. With that done, a new orb will spawn in the room. Jump into it and you’ll be teleported into a room full of misshapen, vaguely human-like art.

Move forward and you’ll find that you’re actually in the arena that Calus tried to kill you in before. You don’t have to fight anyone here. Just quick travel back to Strider’s Gate.

Step 4. Speak to Nimbus

Return to Nimbus at Strider’s Gate and he’ll thank you, saying that the people of Neomuna seem more hopeful now. And for all your trouble, you’ll get a new gun: Round Robin, a Legendary Strand Hand Cannon with an Aggressive Frame. It’s craftable, which is good because it doesn’t have much in the way of perks.

But it does have an interesting perk: Nanotech Tracer Rockets. Landing multiple hits turns your next shot into a homing micro-rocket. Possibly a good choice for PvP if you’re the type who can actually land those hits. The recoil is rough, but if its Masterwork is for Stability, we can rein it in.

Upon claiming the gun, you’ll also unlock the Triumph, Citizen of the Year, marking the completion of all Nimbus-given side-quests. Congrats!

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