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Destiny 2 Lightfall: All Neomuna Region Chest Locations

Every chest in Destiny 2's new Neptune location.

by Jesse Vitelli

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion brings the planet Neptune to the battle. Players can explore the city of Neomunia, and these cyberpunk streets have plenty of secrets to hide. Finding all of the golden regional chests can be tricky. Here are all of the Neomuna region chests locations.

Destiny 2 Lightfall: All Neomuna Region Chest Locations

When you start on Neomuna, there will be three available chests in the Zephyr Concourse area. Let’s break down how to get each one.

You can also watch along with our video guide on all of the nine regional chests.

Make your way to the Zephyr Concourse, and immediately upon entering, jump up on the ledge of the red building to your left. Hop on the ledge, then make a jump to the glass awnings. Turn around and make a bigger jump to the top of the slanted red roof. Here you will find the first chest on top.

After that one, open up your map, and we will make our way to the chest on the left-hand side of the map. The one slightly above the lost sector.

To obtain this chest, you will need to go to the broken glass window on the ground level. You can hop through the broken window and follow the vents. At the end of the vent, you will find the second chest in the Zephyr Concourse.

This area’s final chest is on the concourse’s southeast side. Make your way to the chest icon on the map, following the long stretches of highway.

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Eventually, you will see a giant glowing pink billboard. Look below it to find a small ledge you can jump to. The final Zephyr Concourse chest will be on the ledge.

The next chests will be in the Ahimsa Park area of Neomuna. So hop on your sparrow and race over there.

The first chest we will be getting is the one at the most northern point of Ahimsa Park.

When facing the giant pyramid amongst the broken city, go to the left side of the broken rocks and hop down. Here you’ll find an opening to a cave underneath where the chest is tucked away.

the next chest is hidden underneath some rocks when looking at the big Pyramid.

Make your way to the south side chest icon on the map. Once you reach the area with flower beds, hop onto the building ledge on your right side. Follow the ledge across to the corner. Jump around the corner onto the glass awning. You’ll see the chest on the following awning.

We’re now leaving Ahimsa Park and heading south. For this one, ride your sparrow through the southern roundabout and make your way into the southern area of the map. When arriving at Liming Harbor, you’ll see two giant rotating fan blades. Jump between the blades to find the chest on a small ledge right behind them.

The next one will take you inside the longship on the south side of Liming Harbor. Make your way inside the main foyer, and then jump up to the center ledge. The chest is directly above you at this point, but you’ll need to hop on the ledges back and forth until you reach the regional chest at the top.

The final chest is nearby. Your first instinct might be to check inside for this last chest, but you actually want to jump on the ledges outside of it. Hop up the following ledges to reach the final regional chest of Neomuna.

Those are all of the regional chests on Neptune. For more Destiny tips and tricks check out how to get Awoken favors in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

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