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How to Get Terminal Overload Keys in Destiny 2

Sensory overload.

by Jesse Vitelli

Destiny 2 has plenty of repeatable activities for players to complete and earn in-game rewards. These activities range from strikes all the way to public events in different regions. With the Lightfall expansion, players can participate in Terminal Overload. There is an additional chest you can open at the end of the event, but you’ll need a Terminal Overload key. How do you get the Terminal Overload Key? We have the answer for you below.

How to Get Terminal Overload Keys in Destiny 2

In order to obtain Terminal Overload keys to unlock that shiny chest that has been mocking you, you’ll first need to complete the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign. After completing the mission “From Zero,” you’ll be able to pick up a bounty from Nimbus on Neomuna. The daily bounty will reward you with a Terminal Overload Key that you can then use on the second chest when completing runs of Terminal Overload in the Zephyr Concourse or Ahimsa Park.

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You’ll have the ability to check out where it’s happening on the map once you’ve finished the Lightfall campaign.

Terminal Overload recommended Power Level is 1810, so make sure you’re leveled up significantly before even attempting it.

You can pick up the bounty from nimbus once a day, so make sure you’re always completing the daily bounty to snag as many Terminal overload keys as you can. That way, you can always grab the second chest from the activity when needed. You never know when you’ll stumble into Terminal Overload and want to help out.

Well, that’s how you get Terminal Overload Keys in Destiny 2 Lightfall. We have useful tips and tricks as you explore the streets of Neomuna on Neptune. Check out how to get the Quicksilver Storm exotic auto rifle.

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