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How to Complete the Backbreaker Trophy in Dead Space Remake

How to kill ten enemies with a stomp attack in the Dead Space Remake

by Grant Testa

The Dead Space Remake has officially arrived with a number of challenges for gamers and achievement hunters to complete. One of the trophies that appears to have caused some confusion is called Backbreaker, a new task on the trophy list that is worth a bronze trophy on PlayStation 5 and ten Gamerscore on Xbox Series X|S. Here is your strategy guide for earning that pesky Backbreaker trophy/achievement in the Dead Space Remake.

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Backbreaker Requirements in the Dead Space Remake

According to the achievement, earning Backbreaker requires players to “Kill 10 enemies with a stomp attack.” It sounds relatively easy, but what the description does not explain is that only certain enemies are counted for stomping kills. These enemies are Dividers, Guardian Pods, and Swarmers (the small parasitic bugs that emerge from Pregnant Necromorphs).

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How to Earn the Backbreaker Trophy

Contrary to what some have said online, the Backbreaker trophy is not glitched, but can be completed very easily in Chapter 5, where you will first encounter a Guardian. Follow this step by step process, and the achievement will be yours.

Step One: Find a Guardian

You meet a Guardian Necromorph for the first time in Chapter 5 (with plenty more encounters after). They look like people merged to a wall and have tentacle appendages that emerge from their thorax.

Step Two: Wait for the Guardian to Lay an Egg

The Guardian can’t attack you directly unless you get too close, and instead opts to spawn some eggs, called Pods, which fling projectiles at you. Wait for the horrifying creature to lay an egg, and move on to step three.

Step Three: Stomp on the Pod

Once the Guardian has spawned a Pod, simply run up and quickly stomp it. Repeat the process ten times and the PlayStation bronze trophy or Xbox achievement will be yours.

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