How to Complete In Desperate Times in Diablo 4

Beg a statue for help, get a potion

Once you beat the main campaign, you’ll gain access to Caldeum, which you marched through in your bid to save Sanctuary. And now there’s a whole slew of quests, including In Desperate Times. Here’s how to complete In Desperate Times in Diablo 4.

How to Complete In Desperate Times in Diablo 4

With Caldeum all but conquered, you can explore its demon-infested ruins. And there on the table, wouldn’t you know it, is a really boring treatise on the city’s fortifications. And so begins a brand-new quest. Here’s the succinct list of steps you’ll need to complete In Desperate Times, followed by a more in-depth guide below.

  • Ask the Watcher’s help by using the “help emote”.
  • A Mysterious Chest will appear in front of the statue.

From the Imperial Library Waypoint, head south down the long corridor. At the end of the path, once it opens up into the main entrance, you’ll see a statue to the left of the screen.

This statue is massive, and it seems to depict a dog-like creature sitting on its haunches, with its front paws in the air.

Screenshots by Prima Games | The red circle marks The Watcher

Stand in front of it, then use the emote “help” to get assistance.

Help emote on action wheel

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To do this:

  • Open up your action wheel.
  • Select the “help” command, which might be assigned on the left, middle, or right wheel.
  • If “help” isn’t assigned to your action wheel, you’ll see a button that says “customize” at the bottom of the wheel.
  • Press the button that will allow you to customize, then select “help” from the menu that pops up.
  • It will then appear on the wheel menu at the bottom right. You can then select to put the “help” command on your left, middle, or right action wheel.

And… that’s it! Once you’ve signaled for help, you’ll get an Elixir Cache and two class items. From the Elixir Cache, I received a Weak Elixir of Cold Resistance.

This quest was pretty straightforward, but Kehjistan has much more convoluted quests. Check out our guide for how to complete one of the most challenging ones here: The Pilgrim’s Footsteps Diablo 4 Quest Guide – Journey Solution.

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