The Pilgrim’s Footsteps Diablo 4 Quest Guide – Journey Solution

Follow the Pilgrim's Journey.

The Pilgrim's Path Diablo 4
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Diablo 4 is no stranger to riddles in some of the side quests found around Sanctuary, and The Pilgrim’s Path happens to be another quest with a vague task. To help you get the loot you deserve within Kehjistan, I put together exactly how to solve the Pilgrim’s Journey riddle and how to complete the side quest in Diablo 4 with ease.

How to Complete ‘Follow the Pilgrim’s Journey’ Quest in Diablo 4

The solution to the Pilgrim’s Path journey quest is a simple use of the “Follow” emote in front of the statue at the Zakarum Chapel. After using the Follow emote, a Chest will appear in front of one of the tombs, completing the quest.

I want to start at the top of the quest, though. When you pick up the note for The Pilgrim’s Path in Kehjistan, the quest will direct you to find the Pilgrim Statue located to the north. Once you arrive at the statue in the Amber Sands, you will be tasked with following the Pilgrim’s Journey. Like so many other quests in the game, the solution is an emote.

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Walk up to the Pilgrim Statue and open up the emote wheel. You must use the “Follow” emote to activate the solution to the quest. As soon as you emote, the task is completed and a chest full of loot will appear on the right side of the statue. The Pilgrim’s Path quest is really that easy to complete, and so many other side quests in Diablo 4 will follow the same format.

How to Start The Pilgrim’s Path in Diablo 4

To begin the Pilgrim’s Path, you need to find a note within the Kehjistan desert of Sanctuary. The note you need is located all the way to the northwest of Kehjistan in the Amber Sands. An even easier way to locate the area is to find the Altar of Ruin Stronghold and go directly southwest.

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I found the note with a blue exclamation point in some ruins. Immediately after reading the note, you will get a blue quest marker in the north that pinpoints where the Pilgrim’s Path statue is.

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This isn’t the only confusing quest in Diablo 4. Another quest that I outlined was Blood and Sweat and it’s a great test of your searching skills within Sanctuary.

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