How to Get More Paragon Boards in Diablo 4

More nodes means more fun.

Paragon Board Diablo 4
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Paragon Boards are the tables that provide players with a path to choose their Paragon Point nodes and socket new glyphs that allow for some major power spikes in Diablo 4. However, the first board only goes so far before reaching the other side, and I’ll help you get another board in this guide so you can continue your progress.

Diablo 4 – How to Attach More Paragon Boards

You can get more Paragon Boards by selecting the gate icon on the edge of the main board in Diablo 4. After opening the main gate icon, you will be given a choice of Legendary Glyphs with unique Paragon Point paths to preview. Once you choose one of these or simply preview the path, you can attach a new board.

Paragon Board Diablo 4
Screenshot by Prima Games.

There are always three points on the Paragon Board where you can attach a new table. If I attach one from the top of the base, I can then continue moving up, or I can go horizontal. Which direction you choose won’t matter in terms of available nodes. However, you can save yourself some Paragon Points in Diablo 4 by choosing the best direction.

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If you want a specific Rare node bonus that is on the left side of the board but you don’t want the other bonuses, then it’s best to keep going left. Keep using your points until you reach the gate icon, which is a node itself. You have to spend a point on these nodes, which provide five of each standard stat, before progressing to the next Paragon Board. Then you repeat the process until the next gate icon is in range and simply spend points as you go.

Of course, Glyphs are an important factor on the Paragon Board as well. Check out my guide on how to use Glyphs in Diablo 4 so you have a head start.

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