Blood and Sweat Diablo 4 Quest Guide – Little Tuya Location

It's hidden right under your boot.

Blood and Tears Diablo 4
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Blood and Sweat is a simple side quest that takes place in the Ruins of Qara-Yisu, which can only be accessed after completing the Stronghold. While the quest seems simple enough in Diablo 4, finding Little Tuya is easier said than done, and I can point out exactly where to find the doll in the ruins.

Where to Find Little Tuya in Diablo 4 Blood and Sweat

Little Tuya can be found on top of a roof on the southern side of Qara-Yisu where piles of rocks are hiding the item. When you climb up the ladder, you will find stones scattered on the roof. Flip the stone on the right side and the Little Tuya doll will appear on the ground. The item itself is labeled as a “Crude Doll” and will have the aqua-colored text like all quest items in the game. This simply goes in the quest inventory.

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When I started the Blood and Sweat quest, I saw the small blue circle on the Qara-Yisu map that marked the quest objective in the heart of the Dry Steppes. It seems easy at first but you have to actively search for Little Tuya by moving rocks and containers around the area. There is only one roof you can climb in the middle of the blue circle, which is exactly where you need to go. I climbed the roof, flipped the stone, and I could move on to the next step.

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After you get the Crude Doll, simply bring it back to Tuya in Alzuuda, which is another Waypoint in the western section of the Dry Steppes. I got a Salvage Cache as a reward with a Veiled Crystal and some XP for my troubles.

How to Start Blood and Sweat in Diablo 4

To get started on the Blood and Sweat side quest, you must clear out the Qara-Yisu Stronghold in the Dry Steppes. Once you clear it out, there will be a Waypoint there and some side quests. Head to the southern part of the stronghold where there is a quest marker above a bloodied note.

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Make sure to pick up the note and then you will get the task of finding Little Tuya within the Ruins. If you have yet to even find the Ruins of Qara-Yisu, it’s best to get started at an easy Waypoint and travel from there. Luckily we have a full list of Waypoints in Diablo 4 for you to check out.

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