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How to Complete Fragrance and Fish Quest in Lost Ark

by Nikola Pajtic

Lost Ark’s Arkesia is an ever-expanding world with countless mystical locations and even more mystical quests. Reaching the beautiful Panda Island will make you love the game even more. Inhabited by Pandas, this location is home to a special quest, Fragrance, and Fish, and we will explain how to complete it in Lost Ark in this guide. 

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How to Get to Panda Island in Lost Ark

Since it is an island, sailing is the only way to get there. Located between the Arthetine and Anikka nations, you will dock at the eastern section of the island. 

How to Start Fragrance and Fish Quest in Lost Ark

Once you set foot on the island, the Fragrance and Fish quest becomes available. Find the NPC called Chungshu who will give you the quest. 

Source: YouTube/WoW Quests

Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide

You will need to find three hidden locations, and the only help you have is the tablet with three mysterious messages on it:

  1. A place behind the Stone Lantern
  2. A place past the Panda
  3. A place that crosses with the cliff
Source: YouTube/WoW Quests

The first hidden location is in the east part of the island. You will notice a stone lantern next to a secret passage. Before it, there will be a small clearing which you must pass to get to the exact location. Also, you will have help in the form of a highlighted circle that indicates that you discovered the first hidden location. 

Your second clue, “a place past the panda”, is just that. Go to the western part of the island where there are a few small pandas. Pass them, and you will notice a dense bamboo field. Go through and a circle will appear, marking the hidden location. 

Your third clue, “a place that crosses with the cliff”, will lead you to a southern part of the island. You will notice it on the map, looking like a peninsula. There is a cliff at the spot, but you are not done yet. Like the Medjay of Egypt, take a leap of faith from the cliff into the new area of the map. 

This will unlock a path that leads you to your third and final hidden location of the Fragrance and Fish quest. 

Once you have completed the quest, the following rewards will be yours:

  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest.
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest.
  • Splendid Shard Chest
  • Roster Experience Points.
  • Wisdom
  • Silver

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