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How to Complete Flying Off the Shelves Sidequest in Hogwarts Legacy

Add blackmail to the list of evil things you can do in Hogwarts Legacy

by Grant Testa
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One of the first available side missions in Hogwarts Legacy is “Flying Off the Shelves,” which requires early-game spells and introduces some roleplaying morality choices. Here is a walkthrough of where to find the quest and how to complete it.

Where to Find the Flying Off the Shelves Sidequest in Hogwarts Legacy

Flying Off the Shelves can be discovered by talking to the NPC Cressida Blume, a Gryffindor student whose books have taken flight in the Hogwarts Library due to a spell gone wrong. Your witch or wizard is tasked with bringing back Cressida’s five flying books.

Once you’ve received the quest, follow the trail on your mini-map to find the Library, it is not for from where the quest is given.

How to Complete the Flying Off the Shelves Sidequest

The Library features two floors where the five books are hidden. In my experience, the books move much further than the flying pages in Hogwarts Legacy.

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In total, there are three books on the first floor, while two can be found upstairs on both the left and right sides. It’s difficult to pinpoint exact locations, as they are always in motion. As you locate each of the books, use your Accio spell to retrieve them.

One of the books you will find is Cressida’s Diary. Upon reading the diary, you will find that Cressida has some negative things to say about the Deputy Headmistress Weasley’s nephew. Once you have retrieved all five books, you will be prompted to return to the Gryffindor witch.

Flying Off the Shelves Morality Choices

Upon return to Cressida, you will be given a choice, to either freely give her the books, or ask for a bribe to keep what you read in the diary a secret. Choosing the former option is more noble, while the latter choice will cause Cressida to be angered by the slimy turn of events.

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However, asking for a reward can be undone in a next series of dialogue choices by selecting the “I’m only joking” option, or you can stay with your decision. Either choice will earn experience points and the Avian Grey wand handle.

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