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How to Collect Flying Pages in Hogwarts Legacy

Here I am, casting Accio again, there I go, collect the page

by Grant Testa
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Hogwarts Legacy has a massive number of collectibles. In fact, there are over 1,100 different collectible items that can be obtained in the game. Early on in the story, you may have noticed some book pages flying aimlessly through the air in certain locations, which might seem like decorative embellishments added by the developers at first, but in actuality, they are very important Field Guide Pages, which grant valuable experience points. Here is how you can to collect these valuable flying pages in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Step One: Locate a Flying Page in Hogwarts Legacy

There are many flying pages strewn about the castle, grounds, and surrounding locations of Hogwarts. They can be seen hovering in the sky, sometimes diving closer to the ground, or twirling between buildings. Don’t worry about chasing after the pages or scaring them off, as they move slowly, have a repetitive flight pattern, and won’t flee from being collected.

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Step Two: Use the Accio Spell to Collect the Flying Page

In order to collect the flying pages, you need the “Accio” spell. Accio, also known as the Summoning Charm, is a spell that can pull items, objects, and even enemies toward the spellcaster. To obtain Accio, you must attend Charms class on your first day of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the class, you will learn Accio, which allows your witch or wizard to grab distant items and collectibles, including the elusive flying pages. Simply look in the direction of the page, cast Accio, and the page will swiftly arrive in your hand accompanied by some John Williams-inspired Harry Potter theme music.

If you are later in the game and have unequipped Accio, make sure to map the Summoning Charm into one of your spell slots (it is purple with a hand and an arrow). The spell is invaluable in obtaining collectibles and will be one of your most useful tools in obtaining 100% completion of Hogwarts Legacy.

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