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How to Complete Bandit Camps in Hogwarts Legacy

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
Bandit Camps

There is no shortage of points of interest scatted across the map in Hogwarts Legacy that invites players to complete activities, including Bandit Camps. Not only are these camps littering the valley, but they also come in various sizes to offer aspiring Witches and Wizards more chances at loot.

You may have noticed if you have tackled one of these camps that the check mark will not always appear on the map icon. Many of us gamers need to see that check mark to feel like we have cleared the area, and that is no different in Hogwarts Legacy. Our guide is here to go over how Bandit Camps work and how to complete them.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Complete Bandit Camps

Every point of interest has a categorized symbol on the map, and in this case, we are looking for the tent symbols. Bandit Camps are always marked by these camps. However, the symbol can change slightly depending on the size of the camp. There are small, medium, and large camps that can be taken out. Simply defeating all of the enemies won’t be enough to complete to objective though.

To earn the yellow checkmark on any Bandit Camp in Hogwarts Legcay, you will need to loot the main loot chest in the area that always contains a Trait. Chest at these camps is one of the only ways to earn Traits in the game, so you will definitely want to use the check mark as an indicator of the loot status in the area.

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Other chests can appear in Bandit Camps but looting them alone will not be enough. This rule of one main loot chest for completion is found in points of interest such as caves as well. If you do not get the loot while you can, it will not disappear, but you will likely have to take out all of the enemies later on in Hogwarts Legacy.

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