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How to Complete a Voice in the Dark with All Hostages Alive in Redfall

Get some plans, save some hostages, kill some vampires.

by Daphne Fama

Welp! The Cultists are being extra insidious. And it’s up to us to stop them… without losing a single life in the process. So, let’s get to it. Here’s how to complete A Voice in the Dark With All Hostages Alive in Redfall.

How to Complete a Voice in the Dark with All Hostages Alive in Redfall

So, before we even begin, it’s a good idea to knock out the side mission “Taking Back the Airwaves”. This mission can be picked up in Basswood at Bill’s House, close to the Supper Club historical marker. Doing so will make it easier to clear out Dead Catch Records and give you the key, though either way there will still be some enemies.

Either way, we’ll be starting at Dead Catch Records first.

How to Turn off the Emergency Broadcast in A Voice in the Dark

From the Stormy Point Historical Marker, head north to Dead Catch Records. There are a few Cultists hanging around. You can sneak around them by climbing up the metal rafters on the right side of the building and entering through the window or by climbing the truck on the left side of the building.

But note, if you haven’t completed “Taking Back the Airwaves”, you’ll need to go downstairs into the kitchen to grab the studio key. There will be at least two Cultists downstairs near the kitchen.

Once you have the studio key, open it and you’ll find the Radio DJ. He should have his back to you, so it should be pretty easy to kill him. Do so quickly to prevent alerting the Cultists downstairs. With the Radio DJ dead, you can turn off the radio.

Be sure to pick up the shipyard key beside the radio. It’s not necessary, but it makes things easier.

Now, let’s tackle the hard part.

How to Free the Missing Civilians in Samuelson’s Shipyard With No Hostage Deaths

So, Samuelson’s Shipyard is a very big arena with lots of enemies. I mean, a ton of enemies. Generally, stealth is ideal. But sometimes running in like a madman and dying is okay.

Here’s what I mean.

In the shipyard, the missing civilians have been gathered into the warehouse to be sacrificed. You’ll hear one Cultist start a long spiel about using them for a blood trance. Locate the missing civilians on the floor and note that there will be an Executioner with them.

If you allow the Cultist to get too far in her speech, the civilians will be killed, which will prevent us from earning the Skin of Their Teeth achievement. Thus, if you feel like you can’t get into a position to kill the Executioner by stealth, it’s better to Rambo in and kill the executioner, then die in a hail of bullets and vampire punches.

Even if you die, so long as the Executioner is dead, you’ll still get the achievement.

Now that we know that, here’s how to do it with as little dying as possible.

Head to Samuelson Overlook fast travel point and kill the guard, then head towards Samuelson Shipyard. Right before you get there, you’ll find a warehouse to your left with a few cultists inside. Clear them out, then lure the Siphon vampire in front of the shipyard to you.

Doing so is easy. Just shoot at him. He’ll jump to your locations and you’ll be able to fight him in peace without interference or alerting any of the guards near the shipyard.

Like all Siphons, it’s easy to dodge his tentacle attack. Just play around cover and hide when he makes a sloshing sound. If you find his shields tedious, like I do, you can always walk through them and shotgun him. Siphons primarily rely on their sucking attack, so it’s not too dangerous to get close.

Once the entryway to the shipyard is clear, climb onto the green roof near the left of the neon blue entrance. From the roof, you’ll be to enter the adjacent building, which has a series of makeshift pathways.

When you make it inside, turn left. Be aware that there is a Cultist up here, and it’s a good idea to avoid her rather than kill her. She’ll cross over the yellow bridge, which should give you enough time to make a run for it.

When you reach a metal wall on your left, climb over it and enter through the hole into the adjacent building.

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You’ll now be on a raised metal walkway with a view of the entire warehouse. In the center of the warehouse, you’ll see a stage with three civilians on their knees.

The moment the Executioner enters the stage, kill him. This will likely alert all the cultists in the area. It’s possible to hide by retreating into the adjacent warehouse and waiting for them to forget about you, or by tucking yourself in a corner while crouching.

Now that the executioner is dead, no one else will kill the civilians. You’ll need to either meticulously kill all the cultists around the warehouse, sneak around them, or just rampage. Either way, get down onto the first floor and interact with the three civilians to release them.

Once all three are free, you can climb the yellow ladder to the shipyard office.

If you have the shipyard office key from Dead Catch Records, you can open the door. If not, you’ll need to leave the warehouse and go through the Death Mists to the left, climb onto the roof, and then through a window to re-enter the warehouse. Through this pathway, you can access the open window on top of the office, but note there’s a tripwire here you’ll need to disable.

Once you’re in the office, kill Lilith Maclean and claim the diagrams she’s looking at. And… that’s it! The achievement will pop, and the world of Redfall is a little better for your efforts. Congrats! Go retrieve your gift at the fire station.

And if you haven’t yet, why not bring a little cheer to the fire station with some popcorn? Here’s how to complete one of the lighter side missions: How to Complete Intermission Snack in Redfall.

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