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Can You Change PS5 Background and Wallpaper?

"Play has no limits"... unless you'd like to use a dynamic theme on your PS5.

by Grant Testa

Are you a new PlayStation 5 owner, excited to choose a theme for the PS5 you worked diligently to obtain? Have you amassed a large collection of cool backgrounds and wallpapers for your PS4 that you can’t wait to try out on Sony’s newest console? Do you have a large gallery of screenshots and photo mode images that you’d love to bring to life by using them as custom wallpaper for the latest PlayStation? Well… TOUGH LUCK!

Can You Change PS5 Background and Wallpaper?

Unfortunately, if you fit into any of the categories above, or are just curious about the features of the PS5, then you will likely find yourself disappointed by an important missing aspect to the console, which does not allow players to use previously earned/purchased backgrounds or custom images of any kind for wallpaper. It’s an unfortunate oversight for the PS5, as its predecessor, the PS4, made backgrounds an important feature with static and dynamic themes that could be obtained through earning platinum trophies, purchased in add-on bundles/deluxe editions of games, and PlayStation gamers could even use custom images from their capture galleries as wallpaper if they so desired.

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However, Sony’s reasoning for this is reportedly due to the PS5’s upgraded standard background, which slightly adjusts the wallpaper when selecting a certain game to play, sometimes including a sampling of the game’s theme music before you start an application. Still, this is little consolation to gamers who enjoyed the customization options of the PS4, and in some cases paid extra for dynamic themes of their favorite games. One can only hope that Sony will remedy this in a future console update, bringing the previous customizability to the next generation, or introducing new PS5 exclusive dynamic themes for gamers to enjoy.

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