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How to Change Armor Appearance in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Change your layers.

Gameplay comes first in any good action RPG, but the style we get throughout the game is a close second. There are tons of armors that you’ll find as you progress in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and, without a doubt, you’ll want to change your armor appearance to retain your stats and your style.

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The good news is that Team Ninja had appearance options in Nioh 2 and a similar system has returned in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Compared to other games, the armor appearance change is super easy in this game, and we’ll cover how you can use it whenever you need to.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – How to Change Armor Appearance

Early on in the game, you’ll unlock an area called the Hidden Village that serves as the main hub. This is where you’ll find options to respec your levels, upgrade your armor, and alter any appearances that you’d like. For the armor appearance change specifically, you’ll want to head over to the Blacksmith.

If you take the branch located to the right of the main battle flag, you’ll find the Blacksmith working at her forge. Speak with her and you’ll see the option to decorate in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. You’ll be able to change the appearance of anything in your inventory. Weapons and armor that you have equipped will be highlighted in blue.

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Select the item that you want to decorate and you’ll be given a list of all the styles that you’ve unlocked in the game. This mechanic costs 1,000 Coppers, which is nothing as you progress in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. If you want to change your armor appearance on the same piece in the future, simply select decorate again, remove the current decoration, then pick a new one.

And that is all! For more articles related to the game, check out the dedicated Wo Long Fallen Dynasty section of our site.

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