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How to Catch Shiny Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO

Gengar turned Casper.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Shiny Mega Gengar

To kick off the month of February 2023 in Pokemon GO, Mega Gengar will be part of the Mega Raid rotation. Typically Trainers have to wait for holidays like Halloween for this Pokemon to show up, and unlike the normal form, the Mega form has a worthwhile shiny variation.

Compared to the normal form, shiny Mega Gengar makes the Shadow Pokemon look more like a classic ghost shrouded in a deep white. It’s no wonder that so many Ghost-type fans clamor to catch this variation in Pokemon GO. We’ll go over how you can attempt to get one of your own before it leaves the rotation again in February.

Pokemon GO – How to Catch Shiny Mega Gengar

In Pokemon GO, it’s technically impossible to catch a Mega form of anything. Instead, Trainers need to collect Mega Energy through a few different methods such as raids, Field Research, or even as rewards for Special Research stories. That leaves the door open for more shiny catches.

Any shiny Gastly that you catch in Pokemon GO can later evolve into a shiny Mega Gengar. First, you evolve the Gastly to its final form, and then collect a couple hundred Mega Energy. Your best bet is to complete the Mega Raids for two reasons. The first is that you’ll get all the energy you need. The second is that raids will give you a much higher chance for a shiny catch.

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Once you complete a Mega Raid, you’ll also earn an encounter with the standard version of the Pokemon, which is Gengar in this case. Raids typically give encounters a 1 in 30 chance for a shiny to appear. Wild encounters have a 1 in 500 chance for a shiny in comparison. So get your Trainers squad ready to take on as many raids as you can to get the bright shiny Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO.

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