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What is a Special Trade in Pokemon GO? – Answered

Make the most of your trades.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Special Trades

At some point, most Trainers will want to attempt a Special Trade with a good friend or another Trainer they meet along the way in Pokemon GO. Trading is a common feature in GO, but the special variation is reserved for specific Pokemon that call for higher restrictions.

You may have already tried Special Trades without even knowing, and when you attempted another one, you weren’t allowed to go through with the trade. Our guide will explain how these trades work in Pokemon GO and what the restrictions are so you know what to expect.

Pokemon GO – What is a Special Trade?

Special Trades are reserved for the best aspects of Pokemon. That means Legendary Pokemon, shiny Pokemon, and purified versions of shadows. The trade can even be considered special if one of the Trainers doesn’t have that Pokemon in their Pokedex yet. There are plenty of instances for trades to be bumped up a level.

These Special Trades can only be done once per day in Pokemon GO, so Trainers need to be extra careful about how they use them if they have multiple goals. Sometimes it can be a great idea to wait for major events when the Special Trades get increased to around three per day. Community Days are one example of an event with extra boosts.

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In general, you’ll know if a trade is special by the amount of Stardust needed to complete it. By default, Special Trades in Pokemon GO require around 40,000 Stardust. Two things can lower the cost of trades. Like the trade amount, some events will cut the cost down. Becoming friends with Trainers and increasing the friendship level can also decrease the overall stardust cost.

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