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Pokemon GO Raid Boss Schedule (February 2023)

Pink and white is in style for the month.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
February Raid Bosses

February is always a month full of events in Pokemon GO, and in 2023, Trainers can look forward to more content than ever. With Valentine’s Day and the Hoenn Tour set up for the month, the Raid Boss schedule should be one of the best that we’ve seen in a while.

At the beginning of each month, Niantic has started releasing an infographic showing all of the upcoming events in the game. Through this, we can see all of the Legendary and Mega Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. We’ll outline the full schedule here so you know what to expect.

Mega and Legendary Raid Boss Schedule – Pokemon GO February 2023

On top of the normal schedule that we have this month, there will be a ton of additional five-star raids that pop up with the Hoenn Tour. There will even be a brand new type called Primal Raids which will cycle into the rotation. Below you can find every detail and the times associated with them.

Legendary Raid Bosses in February 2023

  • Registeel (Zap Cannon): February 1 – February 8
  • Tapu Lele: February 8 – February 15
  • Regirock (Earthquake): February 15 – February 22
  • Rayquaza (Breaking Swipe): February 22 – March 1
  • Deoxys (Normal Forme): February 25 – February 26
  • Deoxys (Speed Forme): February 25 – February 26
  • Deoxys (Defense Forme): February 25 – February 26
  • Deoxys (Attack Forme): February 25 – February 26

Mega and Primal Raid Bosses in February 2023

  • Mega Gengar: February 1 – February 8
  • Mega Gardevoir (Debut): February 8 – February 15
  • Mega Pidgeot: February 15 – February 22
  • Mega Latios: February 22 – March 1
  • Mega Latias: February 22 – March 1
  • Primal Kyogre (Debut): February 25 – February 26
  • Primal Groudon (Debut): February 25 – February 26

Pokemon GO Raid Hours in February 2023

  • Registeel – February 1 at 6 pm local time
  • Tapu Lele – February 8 at 6 pm local time
  • Regirock – February 15 at 6 pm local time
  • Rayquaza – February 22 at 6 pm local time

Some of these slots have the potential to change with the upcoming Hoenn Tour, so make sure to check the schedule later in the month before Trainers take on the Primals.

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