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Every Shadow Pokemon in the Team GO Rocket Takeover

Purify them or use them to your advantage.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Shadow Pokemon

The latest Team GO Rocket Takeover event has begun, and for the next four days, Trainers will be able to collect as many Shadow Pokemon as possible. From February 1 to February 5 in Pokemon GO, Grunts and Leaders will have some new tricks up their sleeves which is great for anyone collecting shadows.

There are always Shadow Pokemon that you can catch and purify when taking on general Grunts, but the lineup is typically the same every day. The Takeover event allows Trainers to get some new shadows that won’t be back for a while and we’ll cover all of them in the event with this guide.

Team GO Rocket Takeover – Every Shadow Pokemon

During the event, there are technically nine different Shadow Pokemon that can be obtained in Pokemon GO. Most of them are linked to the Grunts that pop up in balloons or at PokeStops, but there is one that is much harder to obtain. The full list of shadows can be found below.

  • Shadow Registeel (Giovanni)
  • Shadow Alolan Vulpix
  • Shadow Alolan Ninetails
  • Shadow Spoink
  • Shadow Grumpig
  • Shadow Blitzle
  • Shadow Zebstrika
  • Shadow Joltik
  • Shadow Galvantula
  • Shadow Nidoran (Leader Arlo)
  • Shadow Magnemite (Leader Cliff)
  • Shadow Beldum (Leader Sierra)

This lineup will only be available across Grunts and Leaders while the Team GO Rocket Takeover event is live in Pokemon GO. After the event comes to a close, the normal shadow lineup will return. If you save the Super Rocket Radar for after the event as well, then you will simply run into Giovanni with a Shadow Mewtwo rather than a Shadow Registeel.

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There is also a set of Special Research tied to the event that can be completed for extra rewards. You’ll need to take down plenty of Grunts to finish the story regardless, so you’ll have time to encounter as many Grunts and Shadow Pokemon as you can before the weekend is over.

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