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How to Catch Shadow Regice in Pokemon GO

Winter is ending but Regice is just getting started.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Regice Pokemon GO

With each new season, Giovanni gets his hands on a new Shadow Legendary, and it looks like he’s going through all the Legendary titans in Pokemon GO. Season 9 featured the debut of Shadow Registeel, and for Season 10 Rising Heroes, the next debut is Shadow Regice.

Like all of the other shadow Legendaries in Pokemon GO, getting a hold of one won’t be as easy as catching one in the wild or completing a raid with other Trainers. This is very much a solo journey against Team GO Rocket, and we’re here to outline how you can get a Shadow Regice of your own.

Pokemon GO – How to Catch Shadow Regice

These shadow Legendaries are always tied to a Team GO Rocket event, and the same remains true here. On March 25, a new Special Research Story will go live that Trainers can claim all the way up to June 1, when the next season begins. Completing the research will reward you with a Super Rocket Radar.

Super Rocket Radars are what you need to enable Giovanni to appear in his balloon when you open up Pokemon GO. He has a similar lineup of Pokemon each time you battle him, but this time, of course, you’ll need to fight against Shadow Regice as well. Defeating Giovanni will result in an encounter with the Shadow titan.

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Make sure that you try to get through the research while the event is live, or use a Super Rocket Radar that you already own. When the Team GO Rocket event comes to an end, Giovanni could go back to his default Shadow Mewtwo. So use the Super Rocket Radar while you can and secure the Shadow Regice.

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