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How to Catch Shiny Bronzong in Pokemon GO

Back to the bronze age.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Shiny Bronzong Pokemon GO

Bonzor and Bronzong are two Pokemon that you won’t typically see roaming the wild in Pokemon GO, and that makes the prospect of a shiny even more difficult. With the Psychic Cup live once again the GO Battle League, Trainers are clamoring to build their teams up, and a shiny Bronzong could be the cherry on top.

Before getting into catching the Bronze Bell or the Bronze Pokemon, it’s important to note whether the shiny version even exists in the game. The good news is that the shiny has been available for a few years now, and in this guide, we’ll cover how you can catch one of your own.

Pokemon GO – How to Catch Shiny Bronzong

The first step to catching any shiny in GO is to take advantage of upcoming events that feature specific types of Pokemon. Psychic-type events appear all the time, and with the Psychic Cup in mid-march, more of those Pokemon will appear in the wild. That means more chances to find Bronzor or Bronzong.

You’re not likely to find a shiny Bronzong on its own in Pokemon GO, so you’ll have to catch as many Bronzors as you can. To maximize your odds of a shiny, watch out for Bronzor in one-star raids when the Pokemon returns as a boss. Your odds of a shiny encounter will be around 1 in 30.

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In the wild, the odds of a shiny Bronzor are about 1 in 500, so lures of any kind will make a huge difference during major Psychic-type events. Once you have the shiny that you want, you can use up 50 candies to get the shiny Bronzong you’ve been looking for in Pokemon GO.

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