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Can Regidrago be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered

Is the grey orb here?

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Starting on March 11, Regidrago will appear in Elite Raids for the first time ever, and there won’t be a long window to get a hold of the Dragon Orb Pokemon. While this will be the initial catch of the Legendary for everyone in Pokemon GO, many Trainers will be looking for a new shiny.

With the way Pokemon GO operates, not every addition to the game will have a shiny form that Trainers can add to the collection. To save you some time and frustration, we’ll cover whether you can get a shiny Regidrago or not when you finish one of the Elite Raids.

Pokemon GO – Can Regidrago be Shiny?

As exciting as the debut of the Dragon Orb Pokemon is, Trainers shouldn’t get their hopes up for an alternative color. When the Elite Raids go live, shiny Regidrago will not be available to catch. Even in the blog post for the event, Niantic has made no mention of when the shiny form might make an appearance.

For the average addition in Pokemon GO, the shiny form can take up to a year to be added to the game after an initial debut. So you can expect Regieleki to debut without an alternative color to catch as well. But that doesn’t mean the Elite Raid isn’t worth taking on when it goes live.

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If you’re new to Elite Raids, these are some of the hardest events in the game to complete. Not only are they more dangerous than five-star raid bosses, but they can only be done in-person. Putting together a high-level team will be enough of a challenge on its own, so best of luck to those that attempt this Regidrago raid on March 11 in Pokemon GO.

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