Shiny Ho-Oh
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How to Catch Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO

The rainbow has some new colors.

Some Pokemon have underwhelming shiny forms that no one cares about, and others have a stark contrast that makes the grind worth it. Ho-Oh is one of the Legendaries that has a fantastic color swap in the shiny form, and Trainers can catch one of their own in Pokemon GO.

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The difference between GO and the mainline games is that each Pokemon has a rotation and we may not see one for months at a time. With the start of Season 10 in Pokemon GO, Ho-Oh is one of the many Raid Bosses returning to the game, and we’ll cover how you can catch a shiny here.

Pokemon GO – How to Catch a Shiny Ho-Oh

Unless there is a specific set of Special Research with a Legendary shiny as the final reward, most Legednaries must be acquired from completing five-star raids. Ho-Oh is one of the many Legendaries that you can take on in raids, and starting on March 8, the Rainbow Pokemon will be available to battle.

These raids are the best way to catch a shiny Ho-Oh, and you’ll have two weeks to complete some in Season 10 of Pokemon GO. Any time you complete a raid, you’re given an encounter with around 14 Raid Balls depending on performance. When the encounter begins, you can see if the Ho-Oh is shiny or not.

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Legendary raids typically give Trainers a 1 in 30 chance of a shiny appearing, so the odds are in your favor if you have the passes to keep trying. In comparison, wild spawns give about a 1 in 50 chance for a shiny to appear. Just keep using your daily pass and maybe pick up a few remote passes. Odds are, you’ll get the shiny Ho-Oh you want in Pokemon GO.

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