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How to Catch Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Ralts family fans, rejoice

by Patrick Souza
Iron Valiant Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Paradox Pokemon is one of the best concepts Game Freak has introduced in their latest games, showing how evolution can happen in the Pokemon world in different ways than usual. They can also evolve in the same way humans did by simply adapting to their environments, causing the same species to have many different characteristics over the years.

But they can also happen artificially as was the case with Iron Valiant. This future incarnation came into existence due to an experiment gone wrong where a mad scientist tried to create the perfect Psychic Pokemon. They ended up making this peculiar Fairy/Fighting type instead which is still a win in my book. Here’s how you can catch it.

Where to Find Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 

Iron Valiant is a future Paradox Pokemon, meaning that it’s exclusive to Violet version. If you need it to complete your Scarlet Pokedex, trading’s your only solution.

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Before hunting it, you need to complete the main story and reach the credits, and that means beating all of the Titans, Gyms, and Team Star bases. This will grant you free access to the Great Crater of Paldea (Area Zero), where you can find all of the Paradox Pokemon available in those games.

Head to the Zero Gate and teleport to Research Station No. 3, where you should follow straight ahead in the direction of that big tree. But just before you bump into it, turn left to find a small entrance to a cave hidden in plain sight. Follow the corridor until you reach a huge, open area swollen with wild Pokemon.

This is the only place where Iron Valiant can spawn, and it’s quite a rare one compared to the others here. You may need to clean up some of the Pokemon so he can spawn over them or simply reenter the area until you find this Gardevoir/Gallade hybrid minding its own business.

Roaring Moon can be found in the exact same place in Scarlet, and both are the only Paradox Pokemon based around Mega evolutions, which is reflected in them having stronger base stats than other Paradoxes. Does that mean Game Freak will finally break the Megas out of the “abandoned-but-awesome mechanics” jail? Probably not, but we can dream of it.

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