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How to Catch Roaring Moon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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by Daphne Fama

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have brought trainers to a new land, lush with diversity, scattered across countless biomes. Jump on your strange, prehistoric lizard and you can sprint between oceans and deserts, climb mountains or descend into dark and twisting caves. There are bamboo groves and glacial peaks to explore, and everywhere you go, there will be Pokemon waiting for you.

It’s a world flush with life and opportunity, but Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have also brought a new version of Pokemon to help populate the 400-strong Paldean Pokedex. Paradox Pokemon! Here’s how to catch Roaring Moon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

For those who haven’t completed the game, don’t tread any further unless you don’t mind spoilers.

How to Catch Roaring Moon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you’ve completed the game, trouncing all eight Gyms and crushing the Elite Four assessment beneath the heels of your powerful Pocket Monsters, it’s likely that you’ve been invited to join Arven at the door of the Pokemon Crater.

If you haven’t, then you’ll need to defeat the Elite 4 squad and Top Champion Geeta. But even that’s not enough. All Titans must have been felled, and all Team Star bases must be ransacked for you to gain access to the Crater. Once you do so, proceed and unlock all four research stations.

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Once you’ve finished the storyline associated with the Crater, you can return. But before you even begin the hunt for Roaring Moon, it’s important to note that it’s exclusive to Scarlet. If you have Violet, you’ll need to trade for it.

It only spawns in Research Station 3. Exit the Research Station and immediately turn left. You’ll see a tree beneath a stone bridge in the far distance. Jump on your lizard and head towards the tree. Once you reach the tree, turn left.

There will be an outcropping of rocks to your left. Head towards these outcroppings of rocks and you should be able to squeeze through. Through these rocks will be a cave. Yes, a hidden cave.

This is the only place that Roaring Moon will spawn, and it’s quite rare. It’s likely you’ll see it at the entrance of the cave before it opens up into a large cavern. If you don’t see it, head out of the cave or into the cavern, causing the Pokemon there to de-spawn. When you return, you’ll get a new batch of Pokemon and a chance to encounter Roaring Moon. It can be quite tedious but don’t give up!

Good luck finding that dragon, Trainer!

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