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How to Become a Judge in BitLife

How to hold someone in contempt 101.

by Nikola L
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BitLife is a very popular life-simulator game, despite being available only on Android and iOS. People from all over the world seem to be completely hooked, though it’s understandable given that there are many freedoms in BitLife when it comes to your life choices. You can become almost anything you can think of, whether it’s a scientist, sportsman, actor, or convicted criminal. It is entirely up to you to determine the fate of your virtual character.

Becoming a Judge in the game is somewhat difficult (but not as difficult as in real life) so we’re here to walk you through it. Here’s how to become a Judge in BitLife.

How do I Become a Judge in BitLife?

Becoming a Judge can be a truly painful endeavor for many, given that it is a career that takes decades of work just to get started. Of course, naturally, you need to max out your Smarts as early as possible. If your character receives low Smarts at birth (meaning that RNGesus has failed you), you ought to just reroll the entire character and save yourself time.

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It is very important to study a lot to maintain your academic course, visit the library as much as necessary, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We already mentioned that it takes decades to become a Judge, so it is an optimal strategy for your character to have a long life span to actually perform the role.

Once you graduate from High School, you must go to a college. Make sure to pick “Criminal Justice” as your major. If it’s not on the list, restart the game to “shuffle” the choices. When you successfully finish college, you must apply to a Law School (and having Criminal Justice is exactly what’s going to bring you to it).

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When you are done with Law School, you must find a job in the profession. Being a Junior Associate should be good enough for starters. You will need to work a lot to get your first promotion, so consider this as a stepping stone towards the mountain top. Take the Lawyer role when it’s offered to you and grind it for three decades. After you have concluded three decades of your Lawyer career, you might get a job offer to be a Magistrate. This is the last step before becoming a Judge.

It depends on how good you are as a Magistrate, but on average you should be getting a promotion offer within a few years. Keep in mind that your character should be at least 50 years old for this role (given the circumstances of needing to go through all this education and gain 30+ years of experience, you’ll have this completed by default).

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That’s it for this guide. Make sure to check our other BitLife walkthroughs under the game tag below.