How to Beat the Experimental Field Generator in Genshin Impact

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Version 4.1 of Genshin Impact introduced several new features for wayward travelers. These features include new quests, a map expansion, and two new boss fights: The Millennial Seahorse and the Experimental Field Generator, the subject of this article. This unique boss fight might seem overwhelming, but this guide will help you learn its attack patterns. Here’s how to beat the Experimental Field Generator in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Experimental Field Generator Guide

The Experimental Field Generator can be found near a waypoint in the ruins of the old Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering. This waypoint can be found on the Northern side of Fontaine.

The Experimental Field Generator is a fierce contraption that deals tremendous Geo damage through kinetic explosions. It can be a bit daunting to beat for new players so we’ll go over its attack patterns and learn more about how to fight it while avoiding its terrifying damage capabilities.

Attack Patterns

The Experimental Field Generator has several Geo attacks that cover its close and far ranges. Thankfully, most of them can be easy to keep track of and dodged by simply moving out of the way. One of its rarer attacks involves a flurry of missiles that home in on the player’s position which can be dodged with good timing.

Its fiercest attack happens in the later portion when the Field Generator begins to alter the gravitational pull of the arena. Once it does this, your jumps become higher and you’ll be able to perform plunging attacks more effectively, much like Xiao. However, this alteration in gravity is majorly executed to dodge a massive Geo ripple attack that hits everything on a massive AoE. These attacks can be easily avoided from a distance but can also heavily damage you and even knock your characters out if they are hit. Be careful when attacking the Experimental Field Generator in this state.


Bringing a Pneuma-Aligned character like Neuvillette can help you prevent the Experimental Field Generator from using this threatening attack. If you hit the core with Pneuma attacks enough times, you can neutralize its gravity reduction field.

Rewards Dropped by the Experimental Field Generator

Defeating the Experimental Field Generator in Genshin Impact provides players with the Tourbillon Device. The boss also offers Geo-aligned Crystals and other sorts of materials, such as 4-star and 5-star artifacts from the Wanderer’s Troupe and Gladiator’s Finale sets.

Genshin Impact offers plenty more in store for those adventurers seeking to take on some new thrills. Check out our guide on how to defeat the Millennial Pearl Seahorse if you’re looking for more thrilling fights to take on in the latest patch.

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