All Xenochromatic Animals and Their Underwater Abilities in Genshin Impact

Obtaining all the underwater superpowers
Swimming with Blubberbeast in Genshin Impact
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One of Fontaine’s fascinating mechanics involves borrowing the abilities of the creatures players encounter in Genshin Impact. This can involve using echolocation, creating shields, and much more. Not only has this led to a lot of fun and creative puzzles to uncover when exploring the depths of Fontaine Lake, but it only seems to grow as more creatures get Eidolon clones.

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All Xenochromatic Animals in Fontaine and How Their Abilities Perform in Genshin Impact

Hunter Ray

The Hunter Ray’s Xenochromatic abilities are similar to the attacks that are used when Hunter Ray attacks the player, using slashing motions through the water to target their enemies. For the player, this means they will get two charges in their Transoceanic Sourcewater Ability and can replicate the same slashes that the Hunter Rays use.

This can work in one of two ways: players can either tap the Skill, and this will either attack the area in front of the player or it will fire at the nearest targeted item. The other method is to click and hold the Skill; this will allow players to aim where the slash will unleash.

Holding to aim where the slash will go can help you break apart vines and attack specific enemies. It can also be used in targeting open puzzles that aren’t blocked by any walls or cages. It’s a useful and precise attack to help you out in combat, as well as receiving sweet, sweet rewards from solving the many puzzles in Fontaine.


As one of the plushiest and softest good beings in the sea/lake, the Blubberbeast uses Echolocation for its Xenochromatic abilities to help players find hidden items and treasure. It can also be used as an attack, although its damage is less than some of the other abilities in this listing. 

Blubberbeast’s Echolocation can be used to cover a short range around the player, but it’ll blink back with a glowing ring when there is something that the player can dig or uncover. There are a few puzzles that involve using Echolocation to target shells and activating a wider area of effect that all give out the same ring of glowing light that indicates that there are items or places that require investigation by the player.

While it looks harmless, the Blubberbeast Echolocation can attack enemies; however, unlike the Hunter Ray’s, it can go through some walls and cages. It works in the same fashion where you can either tap or hold the Transoceanic Sourcewater Ability so that you either perform a small AOE echolocation or target where the echolocation is pointed.

Armored Crab

Using the Armored Crabs is one of the best ways to get a shield to protect yourself from oncoming attacks and collect Condessence Crystals underwater. The Armored Crab’s Xenochromatic ability can be used in a number of ways to both protect yourself and redirect enemies’ attacks to preserve your characters and bounce them back.

The Ability can be used by either tapping or holding. If the player taps the Ability, then it will create a shield as well as unleash a small AOE attack that will target anything in its coverage. This makes it great for attacking those small clusters of Condessence Crystals. If players press the ability and hold, then the Character will enter a stance to absorb any attack that is targeted to them. It’ll absorb a small portion of the damage, and by using the crosshairs to target the enemy, Players can deliver the damage back onto enemies. 

This can work on not only the other Armored Crabs that will attack the player but also the barnacles that shoot at the player whenever they get too close. Defeating all of the barnacles in an area might just reward you with some treasure as well.


While you would think that the Jellyfish would involve a kind of sting, it is far from that. Instead, the Xenochromatic Jellyfish revolves around using the bell or the Jellyfish head as a type of a bomb.

By tapping the skill, the player will leave a Jellyfish Bell at their present location. Tapping the skill again will detonate the Bell with a small AOE attack. Don’t worry too much about taking damage from your own bomb since no matter whether you are tapping or holding the skill and happen to be in the radius; the damage will not attack your character. 

By holding the skill, the player will enter the crosshair screen and be able to freely launch the Jellyfish Bell in whichever direction they’d like. This will send the Jellyfish Bell flying in that direction until it manages to hit an object, creature, or even the ground. Tapping again will cause the Jellyfish Bell to explode with a wider AOE. 

Players can use either of these skills in tandem to attack a small area or wider area, target specific enemies, or lay traps down for enemies pursuing them. 

What are Xenochromatic Animals and How Do You Get Their Abilities in Genshin Impact?

Transoceanic Sourcewater Ability Absorb in Genshin Impact ft. Jellyfish
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Xenochromatic Animals are Eidolon-like copies of the creatures seen around Fontaine, mainly all those that are more commonly seen underwater. They each come with different abilities and functions to help players out in battle and help solve puzzles when underwater. Seeing as how players aren’t able to use their character’s special abilities like their Skill and Burst, this is how Genshin Impact has created a special type of underwater combat. To absorb an Xenochromatic Animal’s ability, players will need to find one of the Eidolon-like creatures first and foremost. 

By using the Transoceanic Sourcewater ability or the spindly-whip icon, as shown in the image above, the player will attack whatever target is nearest them. When this button is pressed and held, it will change to a crosshair where the player can pinpoint where they would like to aim their target. By pointing this crosshair at a Xenochromatic animal, there will be a glowing ring that appears around it, and players will then be able to absorb that ability to use as their own. 

Genshin Impact has introduced quite a few new mechanics, so be sure to also swing by the Pneuma and Ousia guide to get a better grasp of how to solve puzzles and fight with the unique Vision-Alignments introduced in Fontaine.

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