A Complete Guide on the Pneuma and Ousia Mechanics in Genshin Impact

New mechanics for a new region

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One of the main new mechanics presented in Genshin Impact’s Fontaine is the use of Pneuma and Ousia. In a region that is represented with duality and justice, these new mechanics both within the Visions of the Fontaine Characters and within orbs scattered about the map, the Traveler can use this new batch of puzzles to achieve balance and great rewards. Here’s our guide on the Pneuma and Ousia mechanics in Genshin Impact.

The Difference Between Pneuma and Ousia-Aligned Visions and Puzzles in Genshin Impact

There are two different types of visions in Fontaine, the Pneuma and Ousia, so characters that are exclusive to this region will have one of the two that can be used in battle and to help you solve puzzles. For example, the Traveler’s Hydro Element is aligned with Pneuma but Lynette, who you can claim for free with the release of Fontaine, is aligned with Ousia.

Pneuma is indicated by the violet color while Ousia carries a golden white color. It can be difficult to tell which character has what alignment, but between Lyney and Lynette, there is a pulsing animation around their visions whenever you switch through them in your party. Lynette’s will release a violet wave while Lyney’s will glitter a golden white. 

It would be rather unfair, however, for the game to require you to play the Traveler or Lynette in order to complete the puzzles or combat enemies. There are Pneuma and Ousia Blocks littered throughout Fontaine to help you complete these puzzles without needing those characters in your party. Collecting one will summon a floating orb that will rotate around your character, and once you attack an enemy or strike a puzzle, the character’s attack will be infused with Pneuma or Ousia and create its own strike against your target.

Character Vision-Alignments Listed in Genshin Impact

CharacterVision Alignment
Neuvillette (Upcoming in 4.1)Pneuma
Wriothesley (Upcoming in 4.1)Ousia

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How to Use Pneuma/Ousia Characters and Blocks on Puzzles in Genshin Impact

The mechanics of Pneuma and Ousia are primarily going to be used against puzzles within the open world of Fontaine. They are all relatively similar by using the opposing alignment on either Pneuma or Ousia Puzzles. These can come in the form of towers, pillars, and airships above ground while pillars and floating mechanical cores underwater. 

These mechanisms will always emit either Pneuma or Ousia energy waves. Solving them is as simple as attacking them with the opposing alignment whether you are using a character or one of the Blocks that you can find nearby. This may sometimes result in you having to search the area or reveal the Blocks by defeating enemies or solving accompanying puzzles. When you attack the Pneuma or Ousia mechanics with the opposite alignment, it will then turn into a light green to signal that the puzzle has been solved. If it reverts back to its violet Pneuma or white-gold Ousia color then either the hit didn’t go through correctly or the puzzle was done out of turn, such as in the image seen below. 

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Since half the exploration does extend to the Fontaine Lake, many of these mechanisms and puzzles are solved in similar methods even when underwater. Pneuma and Ousia Blocks will either be trapped by vines or boulders so you’ll be needing the help of the Transoceanic Sourcewater and Xenochromatic creatures. These features are the grab function whenever the player is underwater and there is an Eidolon-like creature in the shape of a ray, crab, or blubberbeast that grants them special abilities underwater. The ray allows them to unleash a strong slash, the crab creates a shield that can block water flows and also be used to parry underwater enemy attacks. The blubberbeast has an attack as well as a function to use echolocation to find hidden things underwater, but each of these can be useful in uncovering where Blocks can be found. 

Fontaine Character Ousia Alignment in Genshin Impact
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With the Transoceanic Sourcewater attack, players will still be able to take advantage of the Fontaine characters who align with Pneuma or Ousia. Without needing the Blocks, Lynette or the Traveler can be used to attack mechanisms that are emitting Pneuma or Ousia energy waves. This can save you time in actually searching out the Blocks if you have these characters built or if the puzzle requires for multiple uses of the Pneuma Block being used. 

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How to Use Pneuma/Ousia Characters and Blocks in Combat in Genshin Impact

Using Pneuma and Ousia isn’t all about using them solely on puzzles, but also the enemies that can be found in Fontaine, specifically the Automaton Meks. These enemies will have indications of not only wielding elements but also Pneuma and Ousia, often indicated by a cog somewhere on their model. For reference, refer to the batch of images above on where to spot the Pneuma/Ousia alignment for the Mek enemies. 

These enemies are quite strong, but players can gain the upper hand by using Pneuma or Ousia Blocks floating around in the environment or by using Fontaine characters against these enemies. Whenever Meks are attacked with the opposing alignment of either Pneuma or Ousia, they will be temporarily paralyzed in battle or interrupted so that the player can unleash a barrage of attacks against them. 

Pneuma and Ousia Blocks regenerate quickly so, if you don’t have Fontaine characters built, you can continue grabbing these from the fields or underwater within Fontaine to use in battle. This doesn’t mean that enemies cannot be taken down without Pneuma or Ousia energy or Blocks, but it does make easier work for you against these strong foes. 

There’s still lots to uncover in Genshin Impact’s Fontaine, so be sure to also check out our guide on Mechanical Cores and where to find them. With a better understanding of the Pneuma and Ousia, these puzzles will be a cinch. For more articles on Genshin Impact, there’s also a tag for more news and guides to look into just below this article.

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