How to Beat Rule 21 in The Password Game

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So you’ve become an expert on Roman numbers, got a pseudo degree in geography, and are now also a chess master. What else do you need to continue in The Password Game? Oh yeah, a firefighter! But after you finally get one, it looks like it wasn’t enough. Your password is still too weak for this game. Rule 21 states that “Your password is not strong enough 🏋️‍♂️”.

So all we gotta do is to make it a little bit stronger, right? But typing a few extra characters won’t do you any good. You gotta give it some bulk. Here’s how to beat Rule 21 in the Password Game.

How to Make Your Password Stronger in Rule 21 of The Password Game

You probably noticed by now, but this god-forsaken game seems to love emojis. You used it for that moon rule. You had to put out the fire emojis just a while ago. You have to take care of that egg in your password which will soon become your downfall. And now you gotta add that lifting emoji.

 🏋️‍♂️ < Yeah, this little guy right here. Copy and paste it to your password and it will automatically become stronger. Just start lifting and your problems will go away, just like in real life! Or maybe not, I’m not a gym bro at that point yet.

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Anyway, adding three emojis should be enough for your password to be considered strong enough. Don’t remove them by accident so you don’t have to fix that later. But as long as you have no more incendiary problems in your textbox, you should be good to go.

This is where the password rules start getting even more obnoxious, if that’s even possible. If you have to restart your game, for any reason, don’t forget that it’s easy to cheese some of the rules. You don’t need to know a thing about chess to solve that infamous rule, for example.

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