How to Beat Rule 24 in The Password Game

(Speed)Running for a chicken's life

The Password Game Rule 24 Featured

You survived a mass fire. You found the location of a random place you probably never visited in your whole life somewhere on the planet. You even learned how to play chess (or kinda, at least). You’re basically at the top of the world! Is there anything else stopping you right now? Oh yeah, there is. Rule 24 combined with its predecessor. 

This advanced rule read as “Your password must include the URL of a X minute Y second long YouTube video”, and it can be harder than you imagined thanks to this recently-hatched winged demon right here named Paul. This goddamn chicken is the seed of all evil in the world. Trust me, managing this chicken is harder than finding such a specific video in the biggest video platform in existence.

How to Find a YouTube Video for The Password Game Rule 24

The catch here is that the requested video length is randomized, so there’s no magic video that solves everyone’s problems. Your game may ask you for a 14-minute video, while mine asks for 27 minutes. Be ready to suffer.

The Password Game Rule 24 Prompt
Screenshot by Prima Games

So in this example, I was requested to find a 30:11 video. You can search for any term you like, and remember to use search filters to make things easier. Duration is the most useful filter here as the others won’t do much.

While there’s no specific topic for finding your video, I came up with a very interesting search term: Speedruns. Type “Speedrun X Y”(with X Y representing minutes and seconds) and you’ll start to find videos with a similar length to what you need, if not the exact one

People have been speedrunning for decades, and it’s almost impossible not to have at least one uploaded run for some obscure game with the exact length you need.

But the thing is that a run video won’t always be exactly at your desired length. Sometimes there are a few extra seconds, so you have to make some small changes.

If you can’t find a video with exactly 30:11, search for a faster run time like “speedrun 29 50“, tweaking the seconds a little bit until you find the right video. If you keep insisting, eventually you’ll discover the perfect video. Oh, and don’t forget that many of your previous rules will immediately break the second you get your URL down, so good luck with fixing that!

Alternatively, if you want to do it in an easier way, Youtuber Bleach, who currently holds the record for the best Password Game speedrun, has made a spreadsheet with various links for videos with different lengths. We’re unsure if all possible lengths are covered here, but you can use Control + F and search for your desired length to make things extremely easy.

If anything else fails and you’re patient enough (or just dedicated enough), you can upload your own video with the exact length you need. But seriously, don’t do that. Paul’s not worth that trouble.

Oh yeah, we still have Paul here!

Managing Rules 23 and 24 Together in The Password Game

Before you start searching, remember that Rule 23 is the bane of your existence. You need to feed Paul worms (by copy-pasting the worm emoji) repeatedly, and Paul cannot starve or be overfed. Starve means there were no worms at the password and overfed means there were more than three worms at once. If you put four or more worms and his “eating cycle” triggers, it’s game over.

So while searching, be ready to Alt-Tab constantly to the game’s screen or leave it open on your second monitor if you have one. Paul eats three worms per minute, so you need to check it at least once every 60 seconds.

This will persist for the rest of the game, so be sure of what you’re doing here. Paul won’t let you have more than a minute of peace, and you can’t leave your computer either while feeding him. 

Finding the video will also be hell on earth if it isn’t on the spreadsheet, so take a deep breath and be cautious while feeding Paul. Having him die for eating too much is more frustrating than letting him starve.

Managing all these rules becomes a chaotic cycle very fast, so don’t feel bad if this is your limit. But also know that you’re almost finishing the game, so it’s just a few more rules to go.

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