How Many Rules are in The Password Game? – Answered

Can you reach the end?

The Password Game is a new browser-based game that’s been taking the internet by storm. Have you ever tried to write a password and found yourself having to jump through arbitrary hoops just to appease the computer gods that your sacrifice and big words are enough to join the elite? Well, they made a game about it. Here’s how many rules there are in The Password Game. Check out the answer below.

How Many Rules Are in The Password Game? – Answered

There are 35 rules in The Password Game. Yes, I know, many of us can’t get past rule 16 (we know, we can see you searching for the answer), and we’re all trying our best. If you somehow have a big enough brain to make it to the end, we congratulate you because it’s nigh impossible.

However, one little glimpse of hope is that the game skips Rule 34 altogether. So, if you know, you know.

As you progress, the rules get more and more complicated, and many will even begin to contradict each other in interesting ways that will require unique and creative solutions. Don’t get discouraged; just try again, but be better this time.

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If you’re having trouble with the game, it’s time to brush up on your geography, world score, video sleuthing abilities, and ability to raise Paul the chicken.

Well, that’s all you need to know about how many rules there are in The Password Game; for more tips, tricks, and guides on The Password Game, stay right here at Prima Games. We have everything you’ll need. Check out how to beat Rule 16, because, like we said, we see you searching for it.

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