How to Beat Roxanne in Potionomics

Don't let her step on you, unless...

Potionomics looks like a cute and whimsical sim game on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a no holds barred card RPG that loves a good Game Over screen. You learn that the moment you face off against the first boss, Roxanne. If you aren’t prepared to a certain minimum she will eat you for lunch. But if you do things reasonably well, you get to be the lunch eater instead. Here’s how to beat Roxanne in Potionomics.

Be BFFS with Mint

Mint is the aspiring hero-slash-fangirl at the Heroes Guild who you can send out on adventures. She’s the most reliable source of good ingredients you can get early on and the fastest way to get upgrades for your store (for an extra shelf and cauldron). Spend time with her when you can to bump her level up so you don’t have to give her a ton of potions for good runs. Her cards are also really good!

How to Make the Best Potions

Obviously, the crux of the competition against Roxanne and the other boss fights is making at least two winning potions. You can see the recommended quality in the Brewing menu, which typically shows you the minimum quality mark to have a chance. Here are some tips to get your potion high up the quality meter:

  • Each unique blue(good) Trait boosts the value
  • Magimin volume is super important for efficient quality return on ingredients
  • Balance your color ratio as much as possible, but consider getting it perfect for a bonus rather than need
  • Ingredient variety can be very hit or miss, but using too many of the same thing will backfire too

Don’t Waste Time

Getting established is super important in Potionomics’ first week. You have about half the week for tutorials, then the other five days to prepare for the tournament. Make sure if you’re using time you’ve also got something happening in the background, generally a potion brewing or adventure at the very least. Time your shop openings to make sure you don’t accidentally pass the day without meaning to, or leave yourself with a single chunk of time you don’t need. Basically, you need to feel like you have a handle on what you’re doing by day seven or so.

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Sometimes a great day in Potionomics simply comes down to luck, whether it’s a great bonus on a finished potion or a key ingredient super early. But at the end of the day if you’re mindful of the choices you’re making and not just screwing around randomly you’ll get past Roxanne with no problem.

If you don’t, don’t forget there’s an autosave for the beginning of each day stored in the loading menu. Click the arrow under the most recent quick save and you’ll get the full list.

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