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How to Get New Cards in Potionomics

Get help from the homies

by Lucas White

While it’s easy to look at Potionomics and identify it as a management sim, or life sim, or whatever the hell you call games about making things and selling them, that’s not totally accurate. Potionomics is also a turn-based card-battling roguelike (ish) RPG. Dealing with customers is a real fight, with various cards representing the timeless tradition of haggling. And while the game starts you off with a decent deck, obviously you’re going to want more. So how do you get new cards in Potionomics? There’s a bit more to it than simply progressing through the game.

How to Get New Cards in Potionomics

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Of course, progressing through the game does get you cards. Owl, who is your weird pal and sentient tutorial, will just give you new cards as the plot progresses. But if you want to build a big collection, you’re going to have to seek them out. You can’t just get better at haggling on your own; you gotta get some tips and tricks from the homies. To get more new cards in Potionomics, you gotta make friends.

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Friendships serve multiple purposes in Potionomics and getting new cards is one of them. You can develop your relationships with characters in a couple of different ways. You can give them gifts, spend time with them, and answer questions they ask in favorable ways. Generally speaking, the nicer you are to people the more they like you, and the more likely it is you’ll get some unsolicited advice. And in Potionomics, advice is tied to haggling, and that means cards.

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You can only have a maximum of 20 cards in your deck, so your choices can get pretty tough. You’ll get cards that can enhance interest, alleviate stress, set up defenses against customer arguments, and more. Finding the right combination can be tough, especially when you’re also trying to use the time to run your shop. But ultimately there’s a great reason to chat people up if you want to become the best haggler in town.