How to Beat Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

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Raphael Boss Fight BG3
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At the very end of the House of Hope, it’s time to take on Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3 if you hope to leave his realm in one piece. This fight is easily one of the toughest in the game, but if you know the mechanics, the devil is no longer so scary.

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How to Defeat Raphael in BG3

There are two main stages that you want to focus on in the battle against Raphael such as his Pillars of Souls and his second form at the end of the fight. However, you want to set yourself up for success before anything else. I recommend having some radiant damage on hand with access to fire resistance later on.

When you confront Raphael, he will have a whole group of Cambion enemies ready to attack along with two named enemies. Both Korilla and Yurgir can appear in this battle depending on your earlier choices. I happened to defeat Yurgir earlier in my save so he was with Raphael at this point. Luckily I was able to get a critical success and Yurgir joined my side.

Yurgir won’t sway the whole fight but he can at least help you kill Korilla and all the Cambion enemies that appear once the fight begins. This should be your initial focus before you move on to the second part of the fight.

Destroy the Pillars of Souls in the Raphael BG3 Fight

Before you attack Raphael, you need to destroy each Pillar of Souls in the room. If you don’t, the boss can move to these pillars and sap the souls from them to heal or power himself up. These need to be taken out if you have any hope of defeating the devil in his domain.

Bludgeoning, Force, and Radiant damage are your best friends against the Pillars of Souls. Radiant is used to cut Raphael off from using the souls. Even if you don’t have Radiant damage, you still want to stack your team on a single pillar to crumble them one by one. As you destroy them, make sure to have a healer like Hope keeping the party alive.

How to Beat Raphael Phase Two in Baldur’s Gate 3

With the Pillars of Souls taken care of, you can attack Raphael and dish out some permanent damage. Once he’s had enough, he will enter the second phase of the fight which has a lot more damage flying at your party. Unlike the pillars, you want to have the party spread out. Healers should be in the center, ranged users on the platforms, and melee in Raphael’s phase.

Damage options such as Force or Thunder are great options here but I just stuck with what I had available. My archer was able to dish out a ton of damage while my melee dealt critical blow after critical blow. Without the pillars, the boss can’t heal it all back up and his health will quickly deplete. Just watch out for fire and keep your healer on hand.

If you’re still stuck in the House of Hope, make sure you find everything you can before reaching the devil himself.

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