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How to Beat Nikki Gutte in Dead Island 2

I dedicate this zombie killing to snow leopards everywhere

by Daphne Fama

 Well, we have finally made it back to the Hills, and Sam B has a lead on a house full of guns. Unfortunately, to get to it, we are going to have to tangle with Nikki Gutte herself. I do not feel bad about knocking her and her star-spangled-britches back to hell. Here is how to beat Nikki Gutte in Dead Island 2.

How to Beat Nikki Gutte in Dead Island 2

Welp, Ronnie’s bitten the dust, and good riddance. But Ronnie’s death heralds our third boss battle of the story versus Nikki Gutte, an Apex Zombie known as a Screamer. And Screamers present a unique threat.

Screamers have the unique ability to, well, scream. This attack creates a damaging shockwave in a narrow cone in front of the screaming zombie, which can both damage and affect you with the slow debuff.

But the scream also has a powerful secondary effect. It summons zombies and provides them with the aggro effect, making them more hostile if they are exposed to it for too long.

Which means that this fight is one of attrition and managing the hoards, while dealing damage to Nikki when you can.

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The Best Strategy to beat Nikki Gutte Easily

 When it comes to bringing down Nikki, there is a simple combat loop you should follow, but it can take finesse to pull off.

  • Kill the majority of the mob that Nikki summons
  • Once the mob is (mostly) dead, approach Nikki so that she screams, then dodge to the side
  • Go behind Nikki while she is caught in her animation and attack her back
  • Attacking Nikki (or throwing a curve ball or weapon) will interrupt her scream
  • Do as much damage as possible, then return to deal with the hoard

It is a good idea to equip your Electric Star curve ball and an electric weapon, as there are Hydration Walkers that will be summoned with each mob. These Hydration Walkers will explode, dealing massive damage to the zombies around them and, ideally, Nikki. Electric Stars will accelerate this process, but an electric modded weapon works just fine, too.

Do this enough times, and Nikki will go down easily enough.

There are also three medkits scattered around the arena, in case you need them. The first is in the BBQ pit near the gate, the second is on the table in the lounge area, and the third is in the shower area.

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