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How to Restock Traders in Dead Island 2

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Aside from beating down zombies in the streets of Los Angeles, collecting new weapons and parts is one of the most important aspects of the Dead Island 2 gameplay loop. Going to traders is a great way to get some parts, but they don’t always have what you need, and that means it’s time for a restock.

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If you’ve already visited some traders, then you know there is no magic button that resets what items are available, so we’ll have to use other means to ensure some new inventory. We’ll cover how you can easily restock traders in our Dead Island 2 guide.

Dead Island 2 – How to Restock Traders

Traders on the map work like those you would find in some multiplayer or live-service games. Their inventory is randomized, and you’ll have to wait for the timer to reset before the vendor has some fresh items on display. In a game about adrenaline-fueled zombie killing, we don’t have time to sit around and wait for the shop owner to make another supply run.

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Instead of waiting, simply quit to the main menu and reload your save. As soon as you load back in and head over to the Trader, all of the items will be restocked with different selections. When you restock traders in Dead Island 2, it’s more about getting a different selection rather than more items, but both could be important depending on the player.

Before you attempt this trick, make sure you have a decent save slot, and it could help to reload away from the Trader in question. Of course, you can keep quitting to the main menu and reloading as many times as you need until the necessary items appear in Dead Island 2. With any luck, you can get some of the fuses you needed or fresh weapon parts.

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