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How to Beat Cliff in Pokemon Go for February 2020

by Ginny Woo

The Team Rocket grunts and lieutenants that have infiltrated Pokemon GO have been giving Trainers a little bit of trouble, and not just at the behest of Giovanni. We’ve been faithfully keeping them back with each month, but their teams change over time which means that time-honored strategies might not always work. Without further ado, we’ve got the latest on how to beat Cliff in Pokemon GO for February 2020.

How to Beat Cliff in Pokemon Go for February 2020

So, you’re wondering what’s different about beating Cliff this month? We’re almost about to wrap proceedings for February, but if you’re wanting to squeeze a couple more victories out then we definitely can’t blame you. While we had a guide on how to take him down in January (which we’ve linked here in case you want to compare things), we had to update our strats a little to close out this month.

You’re going to want to remember a few things about Cliff’s line-up for February. He’s now going to open battles with a Pinsir. This was previously a Meowth for January, so that’s one major change that Trainers are going to have to look out for. After Cliff opens with his Pinsir, the following Pokemon will comprise his second and third picks:

  • Second Pick: Electivire, Marowak, Omastar
  • Third Pick: Swampert, Torterra, Tyranitar

Our recommendation would be to keep your own team varied because Cliff clearly has a whole buffet of Types when it comes to his chosen squad. We would pick Rock Type and Ground Type Pokemon generally to deal with what he’s going to throw at you, but just don’t get too complacent or forget to switch your team out after fighting the likes of Arlo (who has Steel-Type Pokemon that will melt down in the face of the tiniest bit of Fire). It’s important to remember that dealing with the three Team Rocket lieutenants will require different strategies, so don’t get Type locked into a corner!

Now that you’ve got our guide on how to beat Cliff in Pokemon GO for February 2020, it should be a little bit easier to take down this particular henchman of Giovanni’s. With all that information about his team at your disposal, we’d be surprised if you didn’t just wipe the floor with him. Need a hand with anything else in Pokemon GO? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for aspiring Trainers, all right here for your convenience:


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