The month of February is winding down to a close, which means that you're going to have a limited time left to finish off the month's festivities in Pokemon GO. Short of kicking Team Rocket's butt, there's also a bunch of other things to do and events that we've enjoyed, like the recent Community Day which had a veritable bounty of Shiny Rhydons. However, that's not all. We still have a few days left of the Pokemon GO Field Research Breakthrough encounter for February to knock through, so here's what you can expect. 

Pokemon GO Field Research Breakthrough Encounter for February

The main draw for the Pokemon GO Field Research Breakthrough event for February is, well, Woobat! This adorable little critter is far superior to its distant relative, Zubat, and we reckon it's not only because it's cute. This Psychic and Flying Pokemon made its way into Pokemon GO for the first time and is available until Sunday March 1 as part of the Research Breakthrough encounters. If you want to evolve it into its evolutionary form, Swoobat, you're only going to need to fork out 50 Candy, as per usual. Luckily enough, Trainers who don't want to look at their Woobat for long until it powers up will be happy to note that the Breakthrough encounters will be providing you with tons of Woobat Candy so that you can reach your goal of obtaining a slightly stronger and scarier-looking Bat Pokemon in no time. 

Now that you've got our Pokemon GO Field Research Breakthrough encounter guide for February, hopefully, you've been able to pick up a Woobat of your very own as well. The Breakthrough encounters are pretty generous with the Woobat Candy that they give out as well, so hopefully, you'll have an abundance of this Psychic and Flying Pokemon to call your own. Need a hand with anything else in Pokemon GO? Why not check out these other tips and tricks that we've put together for your convenience: