How to Be Born in Tennessee in BitLife

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How to Be Born in Tennessee in BitLife

In BitLife, you can live just about anywhere you’d like. If you want to be born in your home country, there’s a good chance it’s there. In many cases, you can also live in specific cities, especially if you plan on setting the United States as your starting home. However, sometimes, you must pick a particular place for a weekly challenge! If you’re trying to complete a weekend challenge or just want to live in a fun location, continue reading to learn how to be born in Tennessee in BitLife.

BitLife – How to Be Born in Tennessee

To be born in Tennessee in BitLife, create a new character whose starting country is the United States and Nashville as the place. Since Nashville is Tennessee’s capital city, it’s a great choice for any challenges requiring you to be born here.

Some other options you can pick include Memphis and Chattanooga if you prefer one of these cities. The exact one you choose is entirely your choice, as long as it’s located somewhere in Tennessee!

Nashville Tennessee BitLife
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If you plan on participating in future BitLife challenges requiring you to choose a specific US state, you can use a similar strategy of picking a popular city. For example, select Fargo if you want to be born in North Dakota. If a challenge asks you to be born in Alaska, choose Anchorage. When you’re unsure of the correct city, looking up the most popular places in a US state can help you.

You can also apply this to other countries if a challenge arises. However, since most ask for a particular country rather than a city, you usually won’t have too much trouble finding the one you need.

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