How to Complete the Jolene Challenge in BitLife

Time to count and spend some money

How to Complete the Jolene Challenge in BitLife

This week’s BitLife challenge is extra spicy! This week, you’ll live as an attractive female who plans to engage in intimate relations with someone else’s partner. Be prepared for a wild time and a whole lot of money-spending. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Jolene Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife: Jolene Challenge Walkthrough

There are five tasks you must complete for the Jolene challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a female in Tennessee
  • Have 100% Looks
  • Work at a bank
  • Hook up with someone else’s man
  • Get a breast augmentation

There’s a lot you’ll have to focus on to finish this challenge. Make sure you start in Tennessee with high looks, keep your criminal record clean, and make money early to afford cosmetic surgery.

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Be Born a Female in Tennessee

To begin the challenge, create a new character whose gender is female, with the United States as her starting country and Nashville as the place. Since Nashville is Tennessee’s capital city, using this as your city will work for this challenge.

BitLife Nashville Tennessee for Jolene Challenge
Screenshot by Prima Games

Try to have a character born with high looks. While you can improve this later on by going to the gym and getting plastic surgery done, starting strong will make things easier when she gets older.

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How to Get 100% Looks in BitLife

There are several ways you can raise your looks in BitLife:

  • Go to the gym
  • Go for walks
  • Get plastic surgery
  • Go to the salon

If your character was born with low looks stats, you can begin going on walks at a young age to give small increases before working your way up to the gym, plastic surgery, and the salon. There is a chance a doctor can botch plastic surgery, so try to avoid this unless you absolutely have to use it.

Considering you’ll have to get a breast augmentation done at some point, you can also get away with saving this for last to see how much of a difference this surgery makes. More on that later, though.

How to Work at a Bank in BitLife

Banker Job BitLife
Screenshot by Prima Games

To get a bank job in BitLife, age up your character until they turn 18 before applying for a finance degree in university. Once you graduate, search for a banker career in the full-time jobs list, restarting the BitLife app if you need to refresh it. Apply for the position and pass the interview to become a banker!

Hooking Up With Someone Else’s Man

Next on the list is hooking up with a man in a relationship. To do this, go to Activities > Love > Hook Up and look for options until you find someone who is married. Whether or not you use protection is entirely up to you. Accept the request to knock out this task!

Getting a Breast Augmentation

The last item on the list is to get breast augmentation surgery. To accomplish this, head into Activities > Plastic Surgery > Breast Augmentation. Choose a reputable surgeon and prepare to spend a few thousand dollars on the operation. There is a chance they’ll botch it; if this happens, you can either close and reopen the BitLife app to reattempt the surgery or sue them. Again, it’s entirely up to you which option you pick.

BitLife Augmentation Plastic Surgery
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you hook up with someone and get your breast augmentation, you’ll officially finish the Jolene Challenge in BitLife!

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