How to Go Fishing With Your Father in Bitlife

Gone fishing!

How to Go Fishing With Your Father in Bitlife

In Bitlife the text-based simulator of real life, you can participate in an insanely extensive selection of activities, in addition to all the imaginable jobs you can take, there are often weekly challenges that include some seemingly normal activities, such as the Father’s Day celebration.

Part of this challenge includes going on a fishing trip with your father, but there is no option in the game – so, how do you accomplish this seemingly simple task? Let’s find out how to go fishing with your father in Bitlife in the step-by-step guide below.

Bitlife Father’s Day Challenge – How to Go Fishing With Your Father?

To go on a fishing trip with your father as a part of a Father’s Day challenge:

  1. Open the Relationship tab with your father.
  2. Select the “Spend time” option, and click it.
  3. Scroll down to locate the activity option (bottom of the tab)

Keep hitting that option until you go fishing because other activities will pop up at random and you need to go on them in order for the next one to appear.

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Keep doing that until fishing as an activity shows up, so when you finally see it select it and there you go! You’re off to bond with your father on a fishing trip, and that part of the challenge is completed!

After fishing, in order to complete this challenge, you must do more fatherhood-related activities that include: buying your father a truck, fathering 3 or more children, and then buying each of them a truck as well, and most importantly, having a perfect relationship with all of your kids. Be a father of legends!

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